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Tradespeople are victims of ‘cowboy customers’ shows new study

Many landlords may be all-too-familiar with cowboy builders but new research reveals a problem with ‘cowboy customers’ robbing tradespeople of income.

Mobile billing service Powered Now has commissioned a study which suggests many tradespeople encounter customers - presumably including landlords - withholding payments in order to rush through the transaction of a property or to drive down the price after the work was completed. 

The study suggests that between £776m to £1.75 billion of revenue for the UK's trades has been frittered away through bogus quotes and ruthless measures to win discounts.


Powered Now’s co-founder, Ben Dyer, says: "We hear back from tradespeople on a daily basis that they are frustrated by the hoops they have to leap through in order to receive their fair payment. We of course recognise that there are horror stories about rogue traders, but we do believe that British tradespeople are amongst the most qualified in the world. They too have to adhere to some of the most stringent regulations going, making them some of the best builders on the global market.

“In this new year and third national lockdown, tradespeople are still doing their best to cope during the pandemic in which they are providing much needed economic stability by working throughout the lockdowns. The focus should be shifted to shine a light on the great work that tradespeople do the majority of the time, and not the unfortunate, less than satisfactory work that is completed in the absolute minority of cases”.


According to Checkatrade, the average daily rates for tradespeople in 2020 was as follows:

- Plumber - £347.50;

- Electrician - £225;

- Handyman - £200;

- Kitchen Fitter - £150.

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    It's strange how many people think it's okay not to pay, and not just tenants, 40 yrs ago I had a small vehicle repair workshop, some people considered it acceptable to have their cars serviced / repaired and not pay, I very quickly learned how to issue county court proceedings, not just to get the money owed but on a point of princible as well, word soon got about not to mess with me as bailiffs were towing peoples cars away, today '' money claim online'' is easy and cheap, use it, never allow people to take the P.

    Bill Wood

    Yes, 'Money Claim Online' is an excellent tool.
    In the past I have used it against Hermes (lost parcel), Currys DSG (faulty TV), and London Borough of Barnet (non-payment of invoice)
    And was successful against them all!

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    • 09 February 2021 08:25 AM

    Absolutely...I go for the CCJ route for even problems.
    Yet I am surprised that many still do not pay even though it must be causing them untold financial difficulties as soon as it is clear they are long term defaulters.

    Even though, I just keep renewing it every 6 years. I refuse to let them go. And I will never stop until they pay or I die!!!

    Andrew Murray

    Or better still they die.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    The new Debtors Charter ( aka Breathing Space ! ) is bad news for Tradespeople, as well as Landlords, all courtesy of the ' Party of business ' [sic]


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