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New landlord charter is Labour’s big idea for Mayor election

Greater Manchester’s Labour Mayor, Andy Burnham, wants to introduce a £1.5m Good Landlord Charter

This would work in partnership with the city’s 10 district councils to support yet more landlord licensing and would, Burnham insists,  “drive up standards” in rented accommodation.

In his manifesto for next month’s elections, where he is seeking a second term, Burnham says: “We need to make it much easier for tenants to find out whether landlords are prepared to sign up to the basic standards required by the charter.”


He continues: “As part of this, we will support our 10 districts to develop landlord licensing schemes and ask Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to support with enforcement of safety standards.”

The former Labour Cabinet minister also wants an expansion of Manchester’s so-called Ethical Lettings Agency ‘Let Us’.

Burnham states: “I recognise the vital role of good landlords to help us provide decent, safe and affordable properties for people who really need a place to call home.

“Let Us - The Greater Manchester Ethical Lettings Agency, is making a positive impact to local housing sector by delivering services that benefit landlords and tenants.

“We’ve been working hard to link private rented homes with the households who need them and Let Us are leading us on that journey by increasing access to affordable private rented properties across the region. Let Us are helping landlords to maximise the social impact their homes can deliver.”

The Mayor also pledged to work with the various Greater Manchester councils and housing partners to develop plans to build 30,000 zero-carbon homes for social rent.

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  • George Dawes

    Like the EPC they will keep moving the goalposts until landlords just can't comply with ridiculous standards and sell up - to the govt / council

    All part of a long term plan

  • icon

    He's going to need those 30,000 new social homes PDQ as I expect private landlords in his area will be selling up as fast as they can.

  • icon

    Good landlords will be good with or without expensive licence schemes.

    Bad landlords will continue to ignore every rule and councils by and large are too lazy or stupid to enforce existing legislation, without adding new and expensive schemes.

    Councils should crack down on both bad landlords and tenants - and leave good landlords and tenants to work together amicably as they have always done, without added costs or interference.


    There always seems to be a long period of time between discovery of problems and a court hearing. What is the point of a larger hammer to hit the landlord's with rather than a more efficient track of case work by the council? The quicker a problem is resolved by a fine then the more funds the council will hold for solving such problems.

    An increase in fine levels will resolve the problem of funding so the burden will then only fall on those at fault and not the good landlords.

  • Keith  Johnson

    Election promises that will have one outcome.......higher rents

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    If the people in Manchester haven't seen through Labour by now, - they never will !


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