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Lifting of eviction ban “beginning of the end for many renters” - claim

Campaigning charity Shelter says the lifting of the bailiff-enforced eviction ban, which happened over the weekend, is “the beginning of the end for many renters facing homelessness.”

Polly Neate, the charity chief executive, says: “The ban has been a lifeline for private renters who have weathered job losses, falling incomes and rising debts in this pandemic. 

“But what happens now? Longer notice periods, while they last, will give some worried renters valuable time. But come September, anyone facing eviction will have just weeks to find somewhere else to live.


“The government needs to do more to stem the tide of rising evictions. It cannot waiver from delivering a Renters’ Reform Bill that scraps Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions altogether. And in the meantime, it must offer renters with crippling Covid-arrears a package of financial aid.”

Shelter says its “damning new research” suggests 22 per cent of private renting adults in England are worried they will lose or be asked to leave their current home at short notice.

And 40 per cent say their experience of finding and trying to keep a home makes them worry about finding another home in the future.

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  • George Dawes

    Perhaps they should've bought instead of renting then ?

    People live beyond their means in our decadent society

  • icon

    A Charity campaigning saying get rid of Section 21 and the eviction ban being a lifeline for Tenants forgotten to say its been the death knell for some LL’s. It would be great if all those campaigning groups actually supplied some housing instead of talk and knocking those who do, why are they giving the ear of Government & media time when its not their property is in question, just sitting on the sideline making laws & calling all the shots, what gives them the right, they seem to forget furlough was the lifeline giving them 80% of their income many simply kept it and if the LL’s had got the 80% there would not be so many Court case. I at knowledge some had left the uk but still claimed and had the money paid to them while living in the homeland. Damming New Research indeed by CEO £120k approx pa no worries about paying the rent then.

  • icon

    George my friend are you mad, surely you are not suggesting they should have bought, that means they would have to pay.
    We have gotten to know from our own experiences the groups most likely to cause us a problem but now its been made illegal for us to say so.

  • icon

    Want to comment on this story?

    I'd love to but I may get banned for being honest and making a statement of the obvious.

  • Theodor Cable

    How right you are.......
    Why does this Govt. not get it?

  • icon

    Oh dear the day of reckoning. Where they gonna go? Where they should have to begin with back to Mum & Dad or relatives and friends. Now we have a rent squeeze all due to gov interference.

    Out with the old in with the new

  • icon

    A friend of mine who is also LL had a tenant in arrears due to Covid. He kindly agreed tenant could pay half rent for the month he was off work sick. The following month he asked to pay half rent again even though he had worked a full month. Friend agreed but was then furious when he found out tenant had paid for enormous tattoo covering large section of his back. He has learned his lesson he won't ever help this tenant out again.


    A few cases are genuine, most take the P .


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