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Law Breakers: Shelter slams landlords for “criminal behaviour”

Campaigning charity Shelter has made a shocking attack on landlords, claiming many of them are acting illegally. It claims 45 per cent...

14 September 2021

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Charity backs landlord case for cash help to meet new EPC targets

A charity is warning that landlords may not government help in reaching new EPC targets. Citizens Advice Scotland says the private rental...

17 August 2021

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Controversial Pay Per Viewing service open to some landlords

A controversial PropTech service that proposes agents charge prospective tenants £30 or more simply to view a property on the market,...

28 July 2021

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Are landlords and tenants paying too much for utilities?

A new report shows a growing difference in customer service levels between the best and worst energy suppliers in Britain -...

28 June 2021

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Fake investment scams on the rise, warns Citizens Advice

The Citizens Advice consumer charity is warning that fake investment scams are amongst the fraudulent activity that’s on the rise across...

16 June 2021

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Licensing landlords would help students, insists charity and union

A Citizens Advice and Students Union study into student accommodation in its patch says there should be an additional licensing scheme...

01 June 2021

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Lifting of eviction ban “beginning of the end for many renters” - claim

Campaigning charity Shelter says the lifting of the bailiff-enforced eviction ban, which happened over the weekend, is “the beginning of the...

01 June 2021

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Surge in tenants seeking charity advice - claim

A charity claims it’s seen increasing numbers of private tenants seeking help, just as the bailiff enforced eviction ban has ended...

01 June 2021

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Think-tank calls for more renters’ rights and new law

A think-tank, UK Onward, has called for radical rental reform. In a statement released to coincide with today’s Queen’s Speech, the think-tank...

11 May 2021

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Shelter demands widespread rental reform starting tomorrow

Shelter says tomorrow’s Queen’s Speech should herald the start of a widespread reform of all renting, particularly the private sector. In a blog...

10 May 2021

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Breathing Spaces “not a fix to keep creditors at bay” admits charity

The controversial Breathing Space policy comes into effect from next Tuesday, May 4, and a charity is admitting it is not...

28 April 2021

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Huge rise in complaints about landlords, claims charity

A charity claims it’s helping one person every minute with problems relating to renting from a private landlord. In the first two...

29 March 2021

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One week before new electrical standards on existing tenancies

A reminder has gone to landlords about new electrical safety standards that come into effect for existing tenancies in a week’s...

25 March 2021

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150,000 tenants at risk of eviction, claims new charity campaign

A charity warns today that 150,000 private renters are at risk of eviction when restrictions are lifted because of mounting Covid-related...

17 March 2021

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Shelter says over a quarter of tenants ‘afraid of homelessness’

The campaigning charity Shelter claims 14 per cent of adults in England - that’s six million people - are more worried...

16 March 2021

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Shelter says renters are “frightened” of eviction, despite extension

The government’s latest extension for the ban on bailiff-enforced evictions - taking it up until the end of May - is...

11 March 2021

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Sunak must help tenants in arrears, pleads coalition of rental groups

A coalition of rental groups with the same view on how to tackle arrears is calling on the Chancellor to help...

18 February 2021

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Shelter expects eviction ban extension until end of lockdown

Shelter says it expects the current ban on bailiff-enforced evictions to be extended until at least the end of the present...

12 February 2021

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Generous landlords praised for discounting rent to tenants

A not-for-profit educational charity that acts as a lettings agency has praised private landlords for contributing to a rent discount scheme. Sulets...

04 February 2021

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Charity renews call for ‘targeted financial support’ for tenants

Citizens Advice has called once again for public funds to help tenants in Covid-related arrears. Alistair Cromwell, acting chief executive of the...

12 January 2021

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Break Clauses: Student lockdown unlikely to affect contracts, says trade body

The National Residential Landlords Association says the latest stays report on students under the Coronavirus lockdown is unlikely to have an...

07 January 2021

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Citizens Advice claims to have one private rental case every two minutes

The Citizens Advice charity claims to have dealt with a private rental sector case “every two minutes” during December - and...

07 January 2021

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Shelter says many landlords think they can get away with discrimination

A BBC investigation into ‘No DSS’ statements on two prominent landlord websites has provoked campaigning charity Shelter into an attack on the...

21 December 2020

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Candidate makes pet-friendly tenancies a political hot potato

One of the candidates for next year’s London Mayoral election wants to put pet-friendly tenancies for the private rental sector as...

17 December 2020

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New call for grants and loans for tenants to clear Covid arrears

Citizens Advice says the government should prioritise tenants with rent arrears who are the most significant victims of the financial fallout...

15 December 2020

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Charity wants landlords to provide accommodation in time for Christmas

A homelessness charity is calling for landlords to come forward with accommodation for clients to be housed over Christmas. Harbour Housing, a...

15 December 2020

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Shelter advising tenants on winning a rent reduction

The campaigning charity Shelter is offering private rental sector tenants advice on how to negotiate a rent reduction during the remaining...

07 December 2020

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Advice to landlords on how to prepare for possible CGT change

A financial planner is advising landlords on how to minimise their current Capital Gains Tax liability ahead of possible change. Chancellor Rishi...

17 November 2020

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Landlords slammed by report that demands national register

A new report makes searing claims about the performance and quality of landlords and their homes in the private rental sector. Almost...

06 November 2020

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Former Labour leader joins Shelter board

The former leader of the Labour Party in Scotland has joined the board of Shelter, the campaigning charity that has often...

05 November 2020

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New advice on Capital Gains Tax on sale of rental units

Tax experts at specialist landlord accountancy firm Gorilla Accounting are giving the sector fresh advice on minimising CGT liability when selling...

30 October 2020

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Over 20% of renters could fall into arrears in Corona hotspots - claim

A PropTech company claims a quarter of private renters in towns and cities most affected by pandemic could fall into arrears. Deposit...

30 October 2020

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Shelter in new attack on private landlords who house homeless

Campaigning charity Shelter is back on the warpath against private landlords, criticising how much of the country’s temporary accommodation budget for...

26 October 2020

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Rental portfolio producing £75k a year - all yours for £10

Would-be landlords are being wooed by an opportunity to win a 13-apartment portfolio in return for ... just a £10 ticket. It's...

13 October 2020

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Judge Rinder praises Shelter campaigns to help tenants

Robert Rinder, the reality TV celebrity and barrister, has joined the campaigning charity Shelter to oppose what he describes as illegal...

07 October 2020

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Mandatory electrical  safety checks requested as part of short-let regulation

Electrical Safety First is calling for the introduction of mandatory electrical safety checks as part of the Scottish government’s plan to...

04 September 2020

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Shelter demands ‘extra powers to stop renters being evicted’

Shelter is calling for greater protection for renters facing financial difficulties.  The extended ban on evictions announced on Friday will not be...

24 August 2020

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Government urged to ‘protect those facing homelessness’

Crisis, a national charity for homeless people, is calling on the government to do more to help renters facing homelessness due...

21 August 2020

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A national register of rental homes would help stop ‘landlord tax dodging’

The government is being encouraged to consider introducing a national register of rental properties to improve tax compliance in the buy-to-let...

06 August 2020

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Are you familiar with the new Electrical Safety Standards?

Buy-to-let landlords in England must now ensure that electrical installation inspections and testing are carried out for all new tenancies in...

29 July 2020

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Thousands of vulnerable Londoners face ‘the threat of eviction’

The government’s decision not to remove the cap on Universal Credit for all claimants and increase housing benefit to cover local...

17 July 2020

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Many renters ‘are in danger of being evicted when the current ban lifts’ - claim

The number of private tenants in England who have fallen behind on rent has doubled during the coronavirus pandemic, according to...

06 July 2020

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Sharp rise in rent arrears as eviction cases surge

Rent arrears have increased to more than £3m, with almost 2,500 eviction cases waiting to go through the courts, according to...

26 June 2020

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Sharp rise in rental arrears as 300,000 tenants fail to pay on time

More than 300,000 tenants failed to pay their rent on time last month, new research from Goodlord suggests.  The study by the...

03 June 2020

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Reforms to housing benefits ‘are needed urgently’

The government is being urged to increase housing benefits and remove the benefit cap to help support more tenants, especially in...

03 June 2020

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Government must protect people ‘who have fallen into arrears’

With the Coronavirus crisis widely expected to lead to a rise in rent arrears as many tenants face financial hardship, Citizens...

01 June 2020

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Rising rent arrears ‘likely to mount’ as tenants face financial hardship

Many buy-to-let landlords are heavily exposed to young renters most at risk of losing their job, according to new research from...

29 May 2020

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Government urged to ‘help people meet their rent payments’

The government last week announced that homeowners struggling to pay their mortgage due to coronavirus will be able to extend their...

25 May 2020

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How can landlords support older tenants during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Although all age groups are at risk of contracting Covid-19, older people face a significant risk of developing severe illness if...

20 May 2020

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Collaboration is the key to keeping properties damp and mould free

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 has been applicable to all tenants in England for just over a month,...

29 April 2020

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Student landlords urged not to charge full rent next term

Student groups are urging landlords not to charge full rent on university accommodation left vacant by the coronavirus shutdown. Some universities have...

14 April 2020

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Government must ‘get to grips with root causes pushing people into homelessness’

With buy-to-let landlords across the country being pushed out of the market by increasing costs and legislation, and new investors deterred...

10 March 2020

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Have you sent your tenants Christmas cards this year?

Many private landlords like to give Christmas cards to their tenants and some are even generous gift-givers, but are you?  Research shows...

23 December 2019

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Next government urged to cut VAT on maintenance and improvement works

The next government should urgently reduce VAT on maintenance and improvement works to people’s homes to help boost investment in the...

04 December 2019

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Angels sponsors local kickboxing club

Here at Angels Sales & Lettings, we are always delighted to sponsor great local initiatives and clubs as part of our...

31 October 2019

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Restore levels of housing benefit to ‘end homelessness for good’ - Crisis

The government is being urged to restore the levels of housing benefit, otherwise known as Local Housing Allowance (LHA), so they...

02 September 2019

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A high number of private renters living in ‘hazardous homes’ – Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice has called for more regulation of the private rented sector after research revealed that hundreds of thousands of tenants...

27 June 2019

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Knockout event sees landlords and agents raise more than £18,000 for charity

The biggest white collar boxing event ever brought to the property industry, ‘Rumble with the Agents’, took place at The Holiday...

28 May 2019

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Shelter launches £600k fund to help vulnerable renters in Greater Manchester

Housing charity Shelter has launched a £600,000 fund in Greater Manchester today with a view to finding real-life solutions to the...

10 May 2019

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Co-Op removes restrictions on letting to DSS tenants

Platform, the intermediary lender of The Co-operative Bank, will no longer restrict landlords from letting to tenants in receipt of housing...

01 April 2019

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Zoopla to stop rental listings discriminating against benefits claimants

Zoopla will no longer allow letting agents and landlords to issue ‘blanket bans against tenants in receipt of housing-related benefits’ after...

15 March 2019

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Government to clampdown on landlords discriminating against DSS tenants

The government plans to crackdown on BTL landlords and letting agents posting ‘no DSS’ adverts discriminating against tenants claiming housing benefit. Around...

05 March 2019

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Discrimination against tenants on benefits?

Shelter has recently run a campaign aimed at banning ‘discrimination’ against tenants on benefits in the private rented sector, presenting a...

04 February 2019

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Private landlords and letting agents need to stick together

The so-called housing charity, Shelter, targeted Ludlow Thompson a few months back, asking its supporters to block the letting agent’s telephone...

01 February 2019

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Landlords raise almost £2,000 for homeless people in Rugby

Landlords from across the Midlands have helped raise funds for homeless people in Rugby. Donations made by landlords at the most recent...

25 January 2019

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Have you sent a Christmas card to your tenant yet?

BTL landlords should take note of the fact that the festive postal deadline is rapidly approaching, with Thursday 20th December the...

18 December 2018

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Landlords accused of ‘illegally’ withholding deposits

Buy-to-let landlords have been accused of “routinely and illegally” withholding deposits from tenants and subjecting many people living in private rented...

12 November 2018

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LGBT activists hold ‘kiss-in’ protest after landlord allegedly rejected female couple

LGBT charities and activists staged a ‘kiss-in’ protest outside a north London letting agency last week after a lesbian couple were denied...

15 October 2018

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Agents raise more than £26k for children’s charity

Over 200 letting agents assembled in Heathrow last month to raise more than £26,000 for children’s charity.   The two-day event, called Agent...

04 October 2018

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London letting agent partners with Vue Cinemas offering landlords free tickets

Throughout September, Draker in partnership with Vue Cinemas will be offering two free cinema tickets to all the letting agency’s landlords. There...

10 September 2018

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Tenants who complain almost twice as likely to be evicted, says Citizens Advice

Private renters who complain to their landlord about problems at their rental property, including issues such as damp and mould, are...

28 August 2018

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Charity event sees Draker host exclusive film preview for landlords

Draker letting agents hosted an exclusive charity film screening of Studio 54 at the Soho Hotel for 100 landlords last week....

08 June 2018

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Landlords who refuse to let to tenants on DSS are “beyond bonkers”

Buy-to-let landlords who reject housing benefit claimants could be breaking the law. A recent legal case which saw single mother Rosie Keogh...

26 March 2018

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What’s the true cost of holding an empty property?

According to official figures, more than 200,000 homes in England were empty for at least six months during 2016. In London,...

01 February 2018

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Landlord aims to raise £100,000 for charities in 3,000 mile bike ride

A community-spirited buy-to-let landlord is preparing to saddle up for an epic 3,000 mile coast to coast bike ride from the...

28 December 2017

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Landlords call on chancellor to help homeless people rent

With Britain potentially facing its worst winter homelessness crisis for 20 years, the National Landlord Association (NLA) and Residential Landlords Association...

26 October 2017

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Horton and Garton Wins Best Agency in London at British Property Awards

Paul Cooney's sales team has had a flying start. Opened only six months ago and modelled on Horton and Garton's successful...

12 October 2017

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Horton and Garton: Committed to charity and the community

At Horton and Garton, our message to West London is simple: we want to make a difference. Not just to the...

12 October 2017

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TDS Charitable Foundation donates £94k towards improving PRS

The Charitable Foundation of TDS, the deposit protection scheme, has announced that it made just over £94,000 in awards in its...

28 September 2017

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‘Deposit-free renting’ necessary to protect tenancies, says agent

With personal debt burden continuing to rise, anti-deposit campaigner Ajay Jagota of Dlighted has once again called for tenant deposits to be scrapped. The...

26 September 2017

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Private renters reluctant to ask for repairs to their home due to ‘fear of retaliation’

Fears about potential eviction, blacklisting, and rent increases are stopping four in ten private tenants from making complaints about or requesting...

14 July 2017

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Landlords urged to tackle the problem of damp and condensation

Buy-to-let landlords are being encouraged to improve the standard of their rental properties by keeping them free from damp, condensation and...

11 July 2017

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Caridon Calls for Coherent Housing Policies from Politicians

The policy focus of the upcoming election will be on Brexit, but political parties will do well to remember that housing...

11 May 2017

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UK’s most prosecuted landlord unveiled

A charity that receives thousands of pounds in housing benefit to accommodate vulnerable people, including the homeless with addiction problems, has...

08 May 2017

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Boost for renters as poll shows little public support for tenant fees

The government’s proposed ban on letting agents charging tenant fees has gained significant support from members of the general public, while...

04 May 2017

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Significantly more ‘truly affordable rented homes’ needed to reduce homelessness

A lack of affordable rented homes are contributing to rising levels of homelessness, according to a new report from the national...

22 March 2017

From: Breaking News

PRS charity project awarded £250k lottery funding

An initiative designed to promote equality and diversity in the private rented sector in Wales has been awarded a £249,425 lottery...

22 February 2017

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Thousands of amateur landlords don’t understand their legal responsibilities

Thousands of private landlords in Scotland require greater support to help give tenants a better service, according to housing and homeless charity...

13 January 2017

From: Breaking News

Buy-to-let landlords likely to increase rents to offset higher costs

There are growing fears that tenants will end up bearing the cost of the government’s decision to ban letting agents' fees...

29 November 2016

From: Breaking News

Scrapping agent fees set to lead to higher rents

Letting agents in England will be banned from charging fees to tenants under plans announced by the chancellor in his Autumn...

24 November 2016

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Britain’s elderly face retirement housing shortage

Older people are facing a shortage of suitable housing for their retirement, putting pressure on the wider property market, according to...

04 November 2016

From: Breaking News

Number of older tenants set to soar, but ‘awful conditions’ must improve

The number of older people living in the private rented sector is expected to rise sharply over the next few years,...

29 October 2016

From: Breaking News

Property investment seminar to be held in aid of charity

Bitex Home has announced that it will be holding a residential property investment seminar next week in aid of LOROS – a...

21 October 2016

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All letting fees should be covered by landlords, says charity

All letting agency fees should be paid by landlords, rather than tenants, as is the case in Scotland, according to Citizens...

19 September 2016

From: Breaking News

London rents now a 'major risk' to UK economy

With record high rents in London outstripping wages in every borough and a chronic shortage of new affordable homes being developed,...

18 July 2016

From: Breaking News

Thousands of tenants facing eviction

More than 148,000 renting households in England have been at risk of eviction from their home in the past year, according...

23 June 2016

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Criticism of government’s ‘insufficient’ £5m to tackle rogue landlords

The consumer charity Citizens Advice is the latest body to say the government’s heavily-publicised £5m given to councils to tackle rogue...

25 January 2016

From: Breaking News

Rogue landlords forcing tenants into a ‘living nightmare’

Private housing tenants from across income scales are living in unsafe homes that fail to meet basic legal standards, a report...

16 December 2015

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Charity criticises incoming fire safety regulations

A charity claims there is a blind spot in the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 coming into force next month.  Electrical...

23 September 2015

From: Breaking News

Council benefit payment delays affect half of tenants

Half (52%) of private sector tenants on housing benefit have experienced delays over its payment from their local council, according to...

15 September 2015

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RLA questions Shelter’s claims

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has written to Shelter questioning the latest statistics from the housing charity which claimed that tenants...

09 September 2015

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Landlords lose £9.9 billion to rent arrears and damage every year

A law firm specialising in landlord law claims landlords are losing £9.9bn to rent arrears and property damage each year. Access Legal’s...

07 September 2015

From: Breaking News

Landlords “leave students at risk”

Landlords and letting agents of student accommodation are putting their tenants’ lives at risk by failing to fix serious safety hazards,...

05 August 2015

From: Breaking News

Shelter stance on rent controls angers campaigners

Housing charity Shelter has said that capping rents could make life harder for tenants and force landlords out of the market. Earlier...

07 July 2015

From: Breaking News

NLA responds to CAB report

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has responded to last week’s Citizens Advice report on the private rented sector in a statement...

26 May 2015

From: Breaking News

Charity claims half a million children living in unsafe private rented homes

Rogue landlords are raking in £5.6billion a year for unsafe homes that fail to meet legal standards, a report by Citizens...

22 May 2015

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