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Remarkable - New licensing scheme will be FREE for landlords

It’s already a very un-typical part of the United Kingdom but now Jersey has set itself apart in a different way - it’s launched a landlord licensing scheme that is FREE to join.

Whereas most British local authorities levy high fees on landlords, new plans put forward on Jersey will see landlords required to apply for a license for each of their rental properties, which will need to be renewed every five years. 

There will be no initial charge for existing landlords to join the scheme, which is designed to uphold minimum safety standards.


ITV News on the island reports that inspections of each rental property would then be carried out periodically, to ensure the home complied with the legal minimum standards for rental dwellings.

The minimum standards cover damp, excess cold, drainage and electrical hazards, as well as structural safety.

Last September the Jersey government - called the States - rejected a proposal for a licensing scheme that would have charged landlords. 



Deputy Rob Ward, proposing the new scheme, says: “It will ensure that the Government of Jersey, for the first time ever, has the necessary knowledge about what property is being rented out, and its suitability, occupancy and location. 

It is intended that a light touch will be adopted. The Environmental Health Team will continue to work with landlords and managing agents to achieve compliance within an agreed timetable.”

However, landlords on the island have warned that the bureaucracy involved may lead to charges at a later date; instead, it has suggested a registration scheme and a beefed-up complaints system.

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    Good idea it should be same on mainland why should Council charge huge unjustifiable application fees, just because they want it on private property the LL has to pay to do the work and endless certificates & other compliance. I have no doubt most LL’s will join in Jersey & get registered the Authorities can stitch them up later they’ll know exactly who to go after.
    The LL’s most of them miserable sods won’t even pay £80. to join Landlords’s Associations. I think Landlord Associations should be free to join as well, then they would have 2 million members instead of 80’000, if they had a strong base like that there’s plenty other ways of getting revenue,

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    I’m good with that. It’s about standards and safety and not a method of pick pocketing that is employed here. Well done.

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    Ok I can’t see how licensing application fee of £1’300.00 is justified or £85.00 per hour for a Council girl with a clip board to make subsequent visits to a property (one is covered in original fee if they choose to visit.). How does taking the LL’s finances improve standards.


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