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Energy efficiency - another council spending thousands on education

A local council is inviting landlords within its boundaries to take up funding from a £49,057 pot it has to improve energy efficiency in the rental sector.

Mendip council and the Centre of Sustainable Energy are attempting to improve rental properties with an Energy Performance Certificate rating below band E.

The funding will involve training and events to improve information for landlords about making homes more energy efficient, warmer and cheaper for residents to live in.


Information will also be gathered by CSE on EPC ratings across the district, which Mendip council will then use to investigate and take enforcement action on private landlords who do not meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards regulations.

The funding is taxpayers' money from the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.


Mendip councillor Richard Pinnock, says: "The CSE's knowledge and experience of the rental sector means Mendip landlords are in safe hands. Their expertise will also support our Private Sector Housing team ensure landlords adhere to the MEES regulations.

"The partnership will lead to Mendip tenants living in warmer, more energy efficient homes which could help them save money off bills."

Sonia Pruzinsky, CSE Project Manager adds: “With our access to data to help identify at-risk properties, our expertise in energy advice giving and knowledge of energy efficiency funding availability and our previous experience of working with landlords to help increase awareness of the MEES regulations, we are well-placed to support Mendip deliver this project and secure positive outcomes for landlords and tenants with warmer, more energy efficient homes.”

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    Anybody still renting out a property with an EPC of E or below should be being punished not given money! And unless the only requirement is a few LED light bulbs I can't see £49k going far.

  • George Dawes

    In safe hands , it’s not April 1st is it ?

  • icon

    They must be going to train LL’s to do it themselves as previously said £49k isn’t going to do anything when you get people in those days, is that for whole Borough ?. On the other hand it might be an information gathering tool to find out all about you, to use against you later on.

  • icon

    what is the point in having a law to ensure all rentals are E and above and then offering taxpayers money to those LL breaking the law? If the council knows who they are issue fines. The rest of us have had to comply!

  • icon

    As has already been stated, Landlords with properties with EPC's below "E" should not be letting those properties. The Council should be monitoring such aspects themselves as all the relevant information required should be readily available.
    Unfortunately this is another case where the "management" within a Local Authority don't want the responsibility of taking on given tasks themselves, opting instead to pass such aspects on to third party providers.


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