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It’s A Record! Another all-time high for tenant demand

For the second time this year, the proportion of landlords reporting increasing tenant demand has hit an all-time high, according to Paragon Bank.

 A survey of over 700 landlords, carried out by BVA BDRC, has revealed that a net increase in tenant demand during the past three months was seen by 65 per centr of respondents.

This surpasses the previous all-time high of 62 per cent recorded during the first quarter of this year, marking a consistent and significant rise in tenant demand since the low net increase of a mere 14 per cent was recorded in Q2 2020.


Breaking down the net increase also shows that the 39 peer cent of landlords who reported that demand had ‘increased significantly’ was the highest proportion since the metric was first tracked in 2011. 

Additionally, only one per cent of landlords felt that tenant demand had ‘decreased slightly’, while none said it had ‘decreased significantly’.

Moray Hulme, mortgage sales director for Paragon Bank, says: “We’ve seen demand for privately rented homes climb consistently since the pandemic. The fact that the all-time high we reported earlier this year has now been surpassed supports our view that the private rented sector remains an essential component of UK housing provision.

“Renting appeals to people of different demographics and from all walks of life but the flexibility and relative affordability of rented accommodation means its value is even more apparent at what is an economically challenging time for many.”

Viewing the findings at a regional level, there’s strong tenant demand reported in all areas throughout England and Wales. 

A trend emerges in the South West, Wales and Outer London, with landlords in each of these regions noting strong tenant demand during each quarter so far in 2022. 

Net increases in tenant demand were recorded by 88 per cent of landlords in the South West and by 84 per cent of landlords in both Outer London and Wales in Q3 2022.

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    Ever heard the saying…” it can only get better “ ? They were wrong 😬😬 for future tenants, it will only get worse, I am seeing and hearing so many of us selling up or planning too, the supply can only go down further.


    You are absolutely right, Simon.

    I had over 180 applications from tenants when I advertised a one bedroom flat. Open Rent took my advert down because there was too much demand for the flat.

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    Ellie - Wow, now that is insane !! I do feel bad for evicting my tenants, as I know they will be thrown into this rental maelstrom, but I have no choice. The government are making it impossible.


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