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Selling a buy to let? Just months left to maximise appreciation

The average capital appreciation is forecast to break the £100,000 barrier this year. 

Official data revealed those selling up last year received £95,360 more than they’d originally paid for their home.

Now the National Association Of Property Buyers say this is set to rise again and hit six-figures in 2022.


Jonathan Rolande, from the NAPB, says: “We’ve seen growth for nearly 10 years but the past 22 months has really seen the speed accelerate and agents are already reporting a busy start to this year - with prices set to increase even further.

“The boom has been aided by the fact interest rates are still very low and low-deposit mortgages are becoming more readily available. 

“Combine this with the gradual unlocking of the economy as the Omicron risk subsides, and the traditional Spring bounce, and it creates perfect market conditions.”

However if landlords are considering selling up, Rolande warns there’s a limited window of opportunity.

“Everyone is asking how much longer and although this is very hard to predict it is important to note that the boom has survived Brexit and Covid” he says.

“I suspect the general squeeze will slow the market towards the end of 2022 as the pain of increased costs everywhere is felt in full. It may begin with tenants unable to pay the current high rents. 

“That will worry investors who may begin to sell their stock, adding more property to the market when demand is waning. This could begin the suppression of price increases but we have many months until we arrive at that point.”

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    In the long term putting your money in bricks and mortar is a safe bet. More people want to buy their own home in UK. than not buy. People will prioritize their rent over most other things.


    Some will, others won't

  • Darryl Hollywood

    "People will prioritize their rent over most other things."
    Not in my experience!

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    Did it not say how many years of appreciation they are referring to or do they not consider that relevant.


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