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Warning to landlords over alarms required under new laws

Landlords are being warned by the Fire Protection Association of major changes ahead for those letting properties in Wales.

The Fitness for Human Habitation (Wales) Act comes into effect on July 15 and will affect all landlords, whether social or private.

The act identifies 29 hazards within the property where landlords need to meet minimum requirements.


The FFHH act requires a smoke alarm, in proper working order, to be present on every storey of a dwelling. Landlords must ensure that each of these alarms is in proper working order and interlinked with all other smoke alarms connected to the electricity supply.

Landlords may consider it appropriate to install more than one smoke alarm on each floor, along with a heat alarm in the kitchen. 

These additional alarms can be powered by mains or batteries. 


The Fire Protection Association says any additional battery-powered alarms do not need to be interconnected, although, BS 5839-6 recommends interconnecting all alarms within the dwelling. 

The act signposts landlords to BS 5839-6 for recommended guidance on the installation of alarms

A carbon monoxide alarm should be installed in all rooms containing a fuel-burning appliance (including cookers). CO alarms can be mains or battery-powered and must comply with BS EN 50291. 

Siting should be carefully considered, as well as noting the expiry date of the alarm.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service are offering free smoke alarms to assist in compliance with the updated legislation, and the rest of Wales’ fire services are on hand to assist with visits to properties.

The Act can be read in full here.

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  • icon

    Just more for a landlord to consider and pay for…… drip, drip, drip…. It adds to the overall feeling that this onslaught is never ending and simply speeds up the selling of properties.

  • George Dawes

    I’m definitely considering replacing all the gas boilers in my properties with electric

    No carbon monoxide, no annual gas tests

    Tbh if the electric goes down the gas boiler wouldn’t work anyway

  • icon

    George, electrity Is generated by gas. No gas, no electricity, apart from a very windy, but not too windy day Cost of Heating a property by electricity will frighten you.!

  • icon

    Exactly that’s what we were doing converting from Coal to Gas.

  • George Dawes

    But boilers don’t work without electricity

    Mines got more computer circuitry in it than my iPad


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