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Clampdown on HMOs in 12 months time

A council says it’s going to introduce stricter regulations for HMOs - and it hasn’t yet even finished its formal consultation.

Hounslow council has agreed new measures for landlords who plan to have houses in multiple occupation.

Landlords – who want to convert family homes into HMOs for three to six tenants – will now have to obtain planning permission.


Dubbed the ‘Article 4 Direction’, this new measure aims to address the increasing concerns among residents about the negative impact of HMOs in local communities. 

Many community groups and residents’ association have highlighted how HMOs in their area have been blighted by an increased level of anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and noise.

A council spokesperson says: “I would like to stress that for many residents in our borough HMOs is an affordable housing option, which is low-cost and flexible.

“However, is it clear that many HMOs are having detrimental impact on the local community and this new measure will ensure thorough oversight – protecting both the tenants in HMOs and the communities that surround them.

“Every resident in the borough deserves to live in a safe and pleasant community and this new measure will contribute to making this a reality for countless residents.”  

The HMO Licensing Policy, which was approved by the council back in October 2021, includes more checks on landlords who have HMOs.

And a council statement says: “Due to essential legal requirements, the new measures will come into effect in a year’s time. A statutory consultation period will take place from Friday 15 July to Friday 9 September.”

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    HMOs don't exhibit anti-social behaviour - people do!


    True, but HMOs tend to attract and cater for those sort of people just as social housing does


    Technically yes but if you want to turn your houses into wildlife parks, gamekeepers and wardens will be part of your overheads. No disrespect implied to the occupants. They are often free spirits who get up when you go to bed and come up with their best guitar riffs at 3 am.


    Echis, I have a gamekeeper on tap, my son trained as one when leaving school

  • Neil Moores

    The planners seem hell bent on getting rid of HMOs, whilst increasing minimum size requirements too. As the cost of buying/renting goes through the roof who is going to cater for people who cant afford a self contained flat or house of their own?


    Tents under the flyover

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    Echis R, what are you on about ?

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    I thought blanket article 4 directions were being banned? Can't remember where I read that though.


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