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Landlords evicting long term tenants to switch to AirBnb, says council

A council claims that a substantial number of private landlords in its area have evicted long term tenants to make space for AirBnb renters.

Scarborough council says a “perfect storm” of events has caused a considerable squeeze on the availability of private rented properties in the borough.

At least 89 households were living in “all types of temporary accommodation” while 33 households were living in B&B temporary accommodation.


A report drawn up by officers and presented to councillors says: “The council is reliant on using the private rented sector in meeting demand, however, officers are reporting a significant drop off in the availability of private rented sector accommodation in the borough.

“We have also seen examples of private landlords evicting tenants in order to convert into Airbnbs and holiday lets.”

The Scarborough News newspaper reports that the council’s cabinet member for housing and stronger communities, Carl Maw, told a meeting: “I think this is something we already suspected was going on, but this puts some meat on the bones of the argument that we have serious issues within the borough regarding affordable housing.”

The meeting went on to renew a private rental landlord licensing scheme covering part of the council boundaries.

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    “The council is reliant on using the private rented sector in meeting demand“

    This is the case throughout the country, but the PRS is attacked relentlessly rather than supported. It’s no surprise some landlords switch to holiday lets in places of high demand, such as Cornwall and Edinburgh.

    I wonder how many documented examples there were of tenants being evicted purely so the property could be offered as a holiday let?


    Document me as I used to do a six month winter let and then April to September for holiday lets but the SNP banned tenants and landlords from agreeing to a mutually acceptable fixed term six month winter rental.

    Perhaps hotel rooms should be prioritized for the homeless instead of holiday makers, or holiday makers have to let the homeless use their home when it's empty?

    Not serious and too many votes lost if this was mooted by any party.

    Landlords and second home owners are easy targets to try and win votes from those who are neither

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    Why would we be bothered, local and central government treat us like s... what do they expect in return ?

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    Yes...and?? Perhaps local authorities should lobby the Government to make some positive changes for landlords, which might then increase the supply of rental properties. Like getting rid of S24, more powers to evict bad tenants more quickly etc etc. Otherwise things will just get even worse...

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    I would think every Local Authority in the Country is reliant on the private rental sector. As is the Government Yet they and the Government continue day after day introduce policies that drive us out.

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    They say it like it’s a surprise 😂 This was perfectly predictable, and it will continue…. Unless the government come up with a despicable scheme to stop us 🤔🤔

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    Quite hilarious! They moan about the lack of PRS housing in the first part of the meeting, and then in the second part of the meeting they renew a PRS licensing scheme ..... which will be one of the many reasons for landlords exiting!! You just couldn't make it up if you tried.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Govt had better look at their own role in this, starting from George Osbourne !

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    Scarborough council doesn’t seem to enjoy lying in the bed that they made.

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    As I’ve said here again and again get rid of section 24 and I’ll return my short let’s to BTL again. But extend the same penalties to holiday let’s will not because I still have to make a living and S24 on BTL means no profit.

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    Scarborough Council is very smart to know this, who would have thought that, to know something that they caused.


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