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Generation Rent job advertised on ‘working for an MP’ website

A job at the Generation Rent campaign group is being advertised on a site dedicated to jobs working for MPs.

The post - for Policy and Public Affairs Manager at a salary of £35,000 a year - is advertised on w4mp.

This website describes itself as “primarily a service to MPs and their staff, we broadly welcome all ads with a political dimension.” 


The position was also promoted on Twitter by Baroness Alicia Kennedy who - until becoming director of Generation Rent - sat as a Labour member of the House of Lords. 

Generation Rent has been active in the campaign which culminated in the recent Fairer Private Rented Sector White Paper and the Renters Reform Bill; it praised the Boris Johnson government when the White Paper and Bill were published. 

It has also been highly critical of some landlord and letting agent activities.

The position advertised is described as being “responsible for the implementation of Generation Rent’s influencing strategy and managing the delivery of our policy programme.”

Its main responsibilities are to “…build our evidence base … develop relationships with key stakeholders …  coordinate engagement with supporters, ensuring all policy work is renter-led … [and] monitoring organisational progress on our funded outcomes.”

The person specification says applicants should have experience of living on the private rented sector, excellent communication skills and “experience of building relationships to support influencing strategies.”

Applicants have until August 26 to apply; you can see the advertisement on the working-for-MPs website here.

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  • George Dawes

    Job 😂

    As if any of them know what work is


    Ironic, from a landlord.


    They are all lazy scroungers.



    Ironic from a scrounging lefty that blames everyone else for their problems.

  • icon

    May I suggest that the first task the lucky successful applicant should do is…… campaign for more social housing to be built instead of shouting at landlords. We are not the problem, just the whipping boy.

  • icon

    This reveals why that White Paper is so unfair to landlords.

  • icon

    They'll want two months rent to be paid to tenants if a no-fault ground is used in the future under Section 8 for example selling the property.

    However, there won't be any private landlords left to house them in the first place.

  • Bill Wood

    Quotes from the ad:
    "• Able to build productive working relationships with stakeholders"
    So the candidate must be able to build a working relationship with landlords.

    "• Experience of living in the private rented sector"
    Must have experience of being a tenant, but no need to have experience of being a landlord.

    Have I got this right?


    I bet you have. You couldn't make it up.

  • icon

    Thousands of landlords getting out in Ireland as well because of over kill Regulation like here same AH’s copy cat everything. Now they wants more legislation to stop Landlords getting out, so they won’t be allowed to withdraw their services imagine that they can’t even Jack, forced to be a landlord under duress, did someone say we live in a free World. Probably is if you milk the System and do nothing.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Landlords know that there is some sort of clandestine relationship between Generation Rent ( and Shelter, who Govt pay £ Millions of tax-payers money to ) and M.P's - Govt.

    wouldn't be something to do with a Baroness connection to politicians, I wonder ?

    Call me cynic if you like.


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