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Abusive landlord prosecuted for obstructing council officers

An unnamed landlord with a large portfolio of homes has been prosecuted by Portsmouth council for obstructing officers in carrying out their duties.

The landlord had not been managing their HMOs properly, claims the council, despite some of the properties housing up to eight tenants. 

This resulted in serious safety concerns including breaches of fire regulations, broken windows, and severe damp and mould growth.


On three separate occasions, when housing enforcement officers were attempting to carry out their duties, the landlord used abusive language and threatening behaviour to prevent the officers from entering the properties. Despite the landlord’s behaviour, the council has successfully taken enforcement action and has ensured that the properties are safe for the tenants.

Now Portsmouth magistrate court prosecuted the landlord under Section 241 of the Housing Act 2004 and found the landlord guilty on all three charges of obstruction. The landlord was issued with three fines, ordered to pay a victim’s surcharge, as well as ordered to pay court costs to the council, totalling £3,634.

A spokesperson for the council says: “No-one deserves to encounter abusive behaviour when they are doing their job, so I’m very glad we have successfully prosecuted the landlord involved. Our enforcement work is vital to ensure that residents in HMOs live in safe and healthy homes, something that everyone deserves to have. 

“I hope this serves as a warning to any landlord managing unsafe or unregulated houses, we won’t let this kind of behaviour continue, and we will take appropriate action when needed.”

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    What rouge landlords hate is the council coming around I know mine didn't but there still being investigated so I hope there going to court.


    Red landlords? That is colour prejudice, Sandra. Still typing there, instead of they’re? I feel so sorry for your former landlords. Now take your tablets and have a lie down.


    Just shows Sandra doesn't read her replies. She has been corrected several times previously.


    @ John Young - Probably won't be told what to do by landlords of any colour!

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    All this proves is the renters reform bill is not needed and pointless.
    Councils clearly have enough power to enforce the already plentiful regulations.


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