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Interactive map for landlords to check if they must apply for licence

A council’s new selective property licensing scheme for rented properties will be live and open for applications from Wednesday November 1.

Ilford council has created an interactive map on its website for landlords to check if they require a licence.

Landlords can also submit applications for a Mandatory HMO or Additional HMO property licence now.


A statement from the council says: “Remember, it’s important to get a property licence, for those with an existing licence, it is important you continue to comply with all the licence conditions. 

“Failure to do so, could lead to a financial penalty notice fine of up to £30,000 per offence or prosecution in court, where the fine is unlimited, plus additional sanctions.”

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  • John  Adams

    Potential tenants can now see where their rents will be higher and there is no actual property to rent because another council has decided to do a cash grab with the pretence that by taking hundreds of pounds they'll magically start carrying out their legal duties under the Housing Act..

  • Pam Taylor

    We have to do a Landlord’s Licence in Liverpool. Hours of work trying to complete their dreadful form on the online portal at the cost of half a month’s rent!
    Another burden for landlords which will not make the situation better for anyone!

  • icon

    And the stupid question they ask you on the form- how old are you., and several more. No wonder it has oodles of pages.

    jeremy clarke

    And, "how do you identify?"

  • Zen Landlord

    Where can we find this map? A link would be useful.

  • icon

    This will ultimately cost Tenants.


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