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Council’s private lettings agency linking with NRLA for forum

A council’s version of a private lettings agency is inviting landlords to an event co-organised by the National Residential Landlords Association.

Ashford council’s ABC Lettings operation says the forum in February will be held against a backdrop of an increasing number of landlords selling up and leaving the market. 

ABC Lettings says it works with private sector landlords by offering a fully managed service for investors who want a low risk hands off management service, while for experienced landlords it offers a tenant find service.


Victoria Henham of ABC Lettings says: “We have tenants who are ready to move into a landlord’s rented properties and we can offer a flexible package to suit each landlord’s needs. Our main focus is to ensure that local people who might otherwise face becoming homeless are given the opportunity to make a longer term home for themselves in the private rented sector, backed by all the experience and support that the local authority can provide”

ABC currently manages more than 200 properties across Ashford, Folkestone and Hythe, and claims to offer “a no hassle, no hidden cost lettings service – and all from an organisation which is not motivated by profit and which has a reputation for a careful and considered approach.”

At the forum ABC will outline the range of services it can offer landlords while the NRLA will update on the Renters Reform Bill.

The event takes place on Wednesday February 21 from 9.30am-3.30pm at the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce at Ashford Business Point in Ashford. More details on the NRLA website at https://www.nrla.org.uk/events/meetings/5944

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    Just when I think the NRLA cannot go lower . . .

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    Surely no landlord is going to fall for that one are they?

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    The best thing they could do is allow landlords to hear from some of the 200 they are already managing to see if they are doing a good job.
    It is interesting that they, as a council, are admitting that landlords are selling up, which is contrary to the general political narrative, and trying to do something on a local scale.
    IF it works for landlords and tenants in that specific case, something to be encouraged I would have thought.

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    I agree with Emily. If councils are prepared to look at reality instead of adopting the official " heads in the sand " line and are prepared to talk to landlords and not attempt to bully them with ever larger penalties for minor transf=gressions then that should be encouraged. Perhaps a sensible and realistic approach might alter the current anti landlord dialogue!

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    Good to see that they are slowly changing their attitude towards landlords, But they have a long way to go before I'd trust any of them.

    I'll still cherry pick the top branches for the top tenants and avoid any problems.

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    I don’t think we need any help getting them in with thousands of landlords after selling up so a big pool of Tenants looking for some where to live, the problem is when you want them out and told you are stuck with them forever.
    No thanks you can’t come-in,
    tell Mr Michael Gove you can’t find any rental property because of him.


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