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Another day, another landlord licensing scheme proposed by council

Gedling council in Nottinghamshire is launching a consultation to renew yet another selective licensing scheme.

The scheme was launched in 2018 and was expanded in November 2022. 

The original scheme ended in September 2023 and the council is opening a new consultation period to gather views on re-designating the area again in the future.


The council claims the original scheme was a success with 662 landlords applying for a licence. 

Over 81 per cent of properties inspected by the council were found to contain hazards that required work to protect the health and safety of the tenant. Some 52 properties inspected had imminent hazards around areas such as fire safety and inadequate fire protection or detection, which required immediate action. 

The scheme also “improved partnership working with Gedling Borough Council and Nottinghamshire Police to reduce anti-social behaviour and make residents feel safer where they live” claims the authority.

Civil penalty notices have been issued in relation to twenty-two properties for failing to apply for a licence.

Consultation goes on until March 2024 and the scheme could be launched in October 2024 subject to the results.

Council leader John Clarke says: “The scheme has been a real success and residents have benefitted from improved conditions and landlords have also played their part and made improvements when asked by the council to do so.   

“This scheme has reduced hazards in households and we think it’s important that we renew it for another term and continue to support local residents who are entitled to live in homes that are safe and in a good state of repair. 

“We have extended the scheme across the borough but to ensure we are doing things correctly, we are reopening this consultation and we welcome the feedback of residents and landlords on the Selective Licencing Scheme.”

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    🤷‍♂️ It is like a plague 🤮🤮 but with the cash 💰 rolling in to empty council coffer’s there is no way this will stop.


    They need the money for their pensions. 😉


    It should be stopped by central government.

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    When they look at their bigger neighbour, Nottingham City Council, raking in £25m is it surprising they want a piece of the pie? The problem here is that Gedling is a relatively cheap area so the extra £25 0r £50 pcm is a big hike for tenants.

    Robert Black

    Does anybody in "authority" not realise that it is tenants who will end up paying these additional costs The very people they are claiming to protect

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    So many bankrupt poorly run councils. So many easy to rob landlords. Legalised theft moves up a gear!

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    Another far-left Labour majority controlled council, which requires more money to waste on DEI projects, pensions etc.
    Rogue tenants are not mentioned. Renters will pay more

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    • A JR
    • 19 December 2023 09:25 AM

    Over 81% of houses contained hazards that required work to protect tenants health & safety.
    Umm, clearly too higher figure to be tenable. Measured against what criteria? Most likely from some kind of consultation questionnaire designed to elicit only the negativism the council required to falsify their justification to raid the wallets of landlords and increase rents for tenants.

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    I really do laugh when they put - a) 'with 662 landlords applying for a licence'. b) 'Civil penalty notices have been issued in relation to twenty-two properties for failing to apply for a licence'.
    Where is the choice here? It is all compulsory.
    I bet that all those fixed penalty ticket offences were already in law before these wonderful licensing scheme were invented/created!!

  • John  Adams

    As always right to your tenants and tell them that due to Cllr x voting to increase charges on rental property, you're rent is being increased by x. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Cllr x on ### ####

    Peter Why Do I Bother

    Who won't pick up the phone or get back to you....

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    To be honest, the Selective licence scheme has always been an issue as to where I would buy a house.

    If it was introduced in the area I would not buy.

    If it's introduced in an area I currently have houses, I will either pass along the cost and tell the tenant why or sell.

    If they refuse to accept the increase, I will just sell ( and never change my mind, let the government reap what they sow)

    If they want to force me to sell, then that is what I will do. and I will make sure tenants know why I am selling

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    If my local council introduce licencing that will be the last straw for me. I have a deal with some of my tenants that I will keep their rents low if they take care of little jobs. Obviously for larger work I assume responsibility and get them done. Some of these tenants have been with me for over 10 years. It's worked fine for both parties but the Government along with higher interest rates are forcing me to consider selling up. I could invest the money from the sale of my properties and earn more in interest than I'm getting in rents. So Licencing and I'm gone. Ridiculous Renter's Reform Bill and I'm gone.


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