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Gove’s Christmas Gift to Landlords - yet another licensing system

It’s emerged that Housing Secretary approved yet another vast landlord licensing system just days before Christmas.

On December Gove gave approval to London’s Redbridge council for a selective licensing system applying to another 15 wards in the borough.

This means all landlords or agents of most private rented properties in affected wards must apply for a selective property licence.


The scheme will commence on April 8 and the requirement to apply for a licence will begin on April 8 and will cease to have effect on April 7 2029,.

The introduction of this new scheme comes after a  consultation: overall and it was found that there are - in the council’s words - “significant issues including poor housing conditions and anti-social behaviour persisting within private rented properties in the borough, which this licensing scheme aims to address.”

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    Did the council provide any tangible evidence to substantiate alleged issues?

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    At least the licencing scheme, (Rent Smart Wales), thoughout Wales only costs £30 for 5 years. although they do not seem to do anything for the fees except bring in more legislation. But along with the retention of S21, allbeit with 6 month notice it seems the BTL changes in Wales will not be as bad as the proposals for England. Even so many landlords have sold up.


    As you are no doubt aware though William, Plaid are asking for rental controls and this will probably be the next incarnation of legislation.
    I don't believe that the QUANGO like, Rent (not so) Smart Wales will not be thinking up another scheme to make our lives even more difficult in the future in order to keep justifying their existence.
    'The writing is on the wall' and with the probability of a Labour government in Westminster, the WAG may see it as carte blanche to go even further.
    I am increasing my rents to an appropriate level and if the tenants wish to leave, then so be it and I will attempt to sell the properties on, if that is the case.
    The risks associated with letting, are getting to the stage now, where they are outweighing the possible rewards.


    Exactly John as with insurance increased risk= increased charges so up goes rent, seems fair to me

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    There are significant issues with the Council’s finances, we are useless let’s take someone else’s money. I love the consultations don’t ask landlords or Tenants ask the general Public with no input to always get the answers you want.


    Typical consultation question.

    Dear Paul,

    As you may be aware, we currently rob Peter, squander most of his hard earned cash and use the rest to subsidise your idle feckless lifestyle.

    Would you like us to rob Peter even more?

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    I'll be selling up so sorry to my lovely tenants of 11 years but this is the final straw.

  • Mick Roberts

    Poor tenants. More higher rents and less supply. When will they go ask the good tenants in good houses with good landlords what they want.


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