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Housing activists link with Extinction Rebellion to protest today

Campaigners in a group called Housing Rebellion are to meet in Central London today and make what they call “a few unannounced site visits” to “some of the worst climate culprits in the property industry.”

The event is being publicised by a group called Homes For All, which has as one of its demands to “control rents.”

A mission statement from Housing Rebellion says: “We are housing and climate activists from XR [Extinction Rebellion], Radical Housing Network and other groups who are working together to highlight the devastating impact of profit-driven development on our communities and our environment.”


It is unclear whether today’s protests are targeted at any one sector of the property industry but the protesters state they want to say ‘Refurbish Don’t Demolish’; ‘Create low-energy, low-cost, warm, dry homes for all’; and ‘Provide housing for people and planet not profit’.

The protests scheduled for today are part of a build-up to a four day event next month, organised by Extinction Rebellion, and described as a four day rolling protest in Central London. 

In late December Extinction Rebellion announced that it would “temporarily shift away from public disruption as a primary tactic” because it believed ”constantly evolving tactics is a necessary approach.”

However, it seeks to get 100,000 people to protest in Central London from April 21 to 24 - timed to clash with the London Marathon.

Extinction Rebellion’s publicity for the event says: “Come when you like, leave when you like, and stay for as long as you can. There will be much to see and do… it’s up to you! The longer you can stay the better.”

And it specifically says that on Sunday April 23 “we coexist with the London Marathon as it cuts across Parliament Square, providing an exciting opportunity to engage with the huge crowds of spectators.”

However, so far Extinction Rebellion says only some 16,200 have actually signed up to attend.

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    Oh joy, more lefties to complain how poor their existence is 😱 get a job then 😂


    Perfectly worded Simon


    Send em to Ukraine- Simon.

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    Extinction Rebellion managed to upset everyone else and set back the cause of climate change reform by decades.

    Perhaps this lot will unite everyone behind decent landlords and tenants?

    Who can right of centre green sympathisers vote for? The reds have hijacked the green movement throughout the UK.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Creating Low-energy properties comes with a cost. Its this basic principle that seems lost on them.
    " I want it all, but don't want to pay " seems their moto.

  • icon

    These leftist groups should be reigned in.

  • icon

    When will all the nonsense cease?


    We need to get advice from Iran, China and Russia on how to deal with rabble rousers!

    Perhaps we could send these moaners over there so they can have something real to moan about?

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    • B L
    • 14 March 2023 13:37 PM

    Up to no good. Push the democracy and freedom over the edge that we all burn in hell together with the activists. Sad. Ask Elon Musk to send them to Mars to practice their rebellion.


    Send em to Ukraine

  • icon

    Should read "The great unwashed walk around protesting how they want it all, will not work for any of it, all while claiming Universal Credit saying they can't work/won't work."


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