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Labour activist appointed as director of Generation Rent

The new director of Generation Rent is Ben Twomey, who takes over from Baroness Alicia Kennedy on June 14.

A statement from the group says that as director, Twomey “will lead the organisation's efforts to secure better rights and protections for 13 million people who live in private rented homes in the UK.”

Twomey - who has recently tweeted about close family members being evicted via Section 21 powers in 2021 - says: "I'm thrilled to be joining Generation Rent at this critical time for renters in the UK. The Renters Reform Bill [expected in Parliament later this year] is a huge opportunity to transform renting and there’s a lot of work to be done to make sure it delivers real improvements in the lives of those of us whose only option is to rent.


“As the cost of living crisis deepens, I will be making the case that everyone deserves to live in a safe, secure and affordable home. I look forward to working with the team at Generation Rent to build on their achievements and keep making renters' voices heard in the corridors of power."

Baroness Kennedy came from a party political background as a Labour peer, before resigning the party whip on appointment to Generation Rent. 

Although it is not mentioned in the Generation Rent statement about his appointment, Twomey also has a Labour pedigree, being the Labour and Co-Operative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Warwickshire in recent elections to the post. He is also a long-standing member of the Labour Homelessness Campaign and recently gave his backing to a Labour councillor seeking to become the prospective parliamentary candidate for a constituency in Northampton.

Last August he wrote a lengthy paper for the Labour List website outlining possible ways the party could win in the next General Election.

Twomey is currently director of policy and communications at the National Youth Advocacy Service, where he also co-chairs the Alliance for Children in Care and Care Leavers. He has a Masters of Law with distinction from the University of Warwick, and a first class History and Politics degree from the University of York. 

Baroness Kennedy is leaving after almost three years to become chief operating officer of the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation and says: “I am immensely proud of what the team has achieved in the past three years. The organisation is in a very strong place to continue leading the public debate on renting and I know Ben will do a fantastic job in the months and years ahead.”

Ian Mulheirn, chair of Generation Rent, comments: "Ben has been an exceptional advocate for children in care and has an impressive track record, and the board is delighted that he will be bringing his skills, experience and energy to the renters’ movement.

“I’m hugely grateful for the contribution Alicia has made over the past three years, expanding the Generation Rent team, building a wider coalition for reform and amplifying the voice of renters in the policy debate. We wish her well for the future.”

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    Chair? Chief Exec. Isn’t this a Business just like the other well known corporation that also houses no one? Silly me for thinking comrades were all equal.

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    What a surprise - the leader of generation rent ends up being someone who has made a career out of living off the tax payer, and demanding how the tax taken from the work and toil of ordinary people, is spent.

    That same person then declares that high quality properties are a right. He doesn’t even understand what a right is. Rights are permissions and allowances and are by definition free. You can’t have a right to something that has to be paid for. Housing, food, clothes are essentials but they are not rights because they need to be paid for. Demanding a minimum standard of rental properties is fine - no problem with this as long as it’s also accepted, that to have what you want will come at a price. There are properties that don’t hit the minimum standard - to get them there will cost money - a landlord will need to recoup that money, otherwise they just rent the property cheaper and the renter acccepts that is why it is cheaper.

    So all we get is a list of demands yet these people are quiet about the costs of these demands which will ultimately be born by the renters. So renters who need cheap properties can thank the likes of generation rent for the consistent rise in rents, as politicians continue to acquiesce to their demands. The fact is, you can have whatever you want but it’s needs to be paid for and government money is simply debt to be repaid by the hard working (activists don’t know what this is) public.


    So true. These politicians live off of the hard work of others.

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    Hang on here 🤔 he states “ Those of US whose only option is to rent “ …. I thought his salary is over £100k a year 💵💵, why can’t this leftie buy ??


    Remember Union boss Bob Crow,on £145,000 pa,refusing to move out of his council house


    The leader of Norwich City Council also blocking a council house, loony left are all the same hypocrites

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    Renter’s Reform Bill a huge opportunity to finish off the Private Rented Sector.
    I can’t even see one single sentence or word to improve every single bit is designed to destroy.

  • jeremy clarke

    North of £60,000 p/a salary to spout left wing views and cause more homelessness! say no more.

  • icon

    Their focus seems to be all on the renters. What about those who are looking for somewhere to rent, what help do they get?


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