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Bodycam used to get evidence against rogue landlord

A court has heard that Amjad Ali Khattak, owner of a flat in Oxford, removed his tenant’s possessions and left them on the street in the rain while she made a trip to the pet shop.

In a case brought by Cherwell council, the defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay prosecution costs in excess of £15,000. 

The offence was committed in December 2020, during a national eviction ban, and was witnessed by a police officer who captured key evidence on a bodycam. Since then, the council has been working to support the victim, identified as Miss P.


A council spokesperson says: “This is a truly shocking case where one of our residents was made homeless with no justification; she lost her beloved cat Max and her phone and TV were smashed.

“When Miss P contacted us for help, we advised Mr Khattak that it would be illegal to evict her. He not only ignored this warning, but went on to disregard requests from the council and from Thames Valley Police to allow her to re-enter her home.

“At the time of the offence, the tenant did owe a small amount of rent, but she had clearly communicated to her landlord that she would be able to catch up with payments in the coming days.

“Responsible landlords will follow due process if there is a genuine need to evict a tenant, but this was not one of those cases. To make matters worse, the offence was committed during a national eviction ban.

“Our officer has spent hours supporting this vulnerable victim and working with witnesses so she could get the justice she deserves. Mr Khattak is now paying the price for his crime and I hope this serves as some comfort to his former tenant.”

The property was let by Khattak and his wife, and the court heard that to access electricity, Miss P was forced to purchase old £1 coins to feed a meter, and that she suffered an electric shock using the white goods in the kitchen.

The court also heard that Khattak failed to allow a council environmental health officer to inspect the electrical installation at the property. But he had himself entered without the tenant’s permission to inspect the fuse board.

The court heard that there were also irregularities in the tenancy arrangement: Miss P’s deposit had not been placed in a protection scheme, as the law requires, and Khattak had not carried out right to rent, nor reference checks.

Miss P’s cat Max went missing when Khattak made her homeless and has not since been located. She also found that her tenancy agreement had been removed from among her personal effects.

A nationwide eviction ban was brought in from December 11 2020 to January 11 2021 in response to Covid-19 so that people whose incomes were affected by the pandemic were not made homeless.

The council says it will be monitoring Khattak’s compliance with legislation in the future and could add him to the national rogue landlords database. A banning order preventing him from letting out property may also be sought should he repeat this offence in the future.

A civil claim by the tenant for compensation is ongoing.

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    This is a disgraceful way to treat a tenant. It’s a shame that this very unusual example will be used to portray all landlords as evil, when most are thoroughly honest and decent people who behave fairly

    Ferey Lavassani

    Andrew you cannot say that. Its racist!! But I can say it. After all I was born in Iran and 45 years ago immigrated (student not refugee) to the UK. The names sound like they are from Indian sub continent. Whatever business they get themselves involved in, they F...K it up.

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    IT IS DISGRACEFUL, BUT when landlords and their families suffer the same intimidation and vicious hate crime on a daily basis the police and councils don't want to know
    I was threatened with a knife by a tenant in front of two police officers they couldn't care less ,he also threatened to slash my three year old daughters face with a razor not interested
    I later learned he stabbed a local shopkeeper because he wouldn't let him have cigarettes on credit


    The police and courts are a total waste of space now


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