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Criminal record for landlord who dumped waste after building work

A landlord has been prosecuted after construction and renovation waste from his rental property was found dumped in Cambridgeshire.

The dumped rubbish consisted of timber, mattresses, carpets, tiles, and other household waste, and was removed from a property in Huntingdon as part of renovation works before renting the home out again.

Evidence from the waste pile was investigated by council and police officers who found that the owner was a landlord living in Hunstanton, Norfolk, who said a friend had been looking after the property - - but he was unable to provide any contract of employment, or other documented proof of liability for this person.


The landlord admitted work had been carried out on the property and identified several items that were found in the waste as being from his address.  He further admitted that he hadn’t made the necessary checks on the contractors regarding the waste disposal.

He pleaded guilty to failing in his duty of care and was fined £400 with £1,000 costs - plus a criminal record.

A council spokesperson says: “This … highlights the dangers of not taking all reasonable precautions to safeguard waste transfers. Fly-tipping is a blight on the local environment, a danger to public health and a hazard to wildlife. It also undermines legitimate waste businesses.”

The council also points out that the government currently only measures the cost of clearing larger scale fly tipping incidents, described as “tipper lorry load size or larger.” 

In 2020/21, 39,000 or four per cent of total incidents were of ‘tipper lorry load’ size or larger, which is an increase of 16 per cent from 33,000 in 2019/20.  

For these large fly tipping incidents, the cost of clearance to local authorities in England in 2020/21 was £11.6 million, compared with £10.9 million in 2019/20.

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    There are ways and means to get rid of rubbish without fly tipping, the domestic waste could have gone to the local tip for free, timber can be burnt, some can go into wheelie bins, there really is no excuse for fly tipping by the road side or in farmers fields, always best to get rid of rubbish yourself never trust someone else to do it for you


    Most council tips charge landlords commercial rates with a minimum weight, these can be quite high. If you have just a couple of properties you may get away with disguising it as private household waste. Bigger portfolio landlords or during works this is not possible. The cost of waste disposal does not encourage responsible behaviours. Even so fly tipping is certainly unacceptable.


    My local tips aren't too bad Rob so long as you don't push your luck and are polite and respectful to the staff, I have a choice of 3 around me so I don't always use the same one

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    I Hate Litter or Fly-tipping with a passion. - Should be more prosecutions for this.

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    I hate this nonsense fly tipping as well. We know there are certain people of some cultures and nationalities who are the worst. It quiet bad in London and the Recycling Centre in Brent one of Londons biggest Boroughs is Closed 2 days in the middle of every week. When they are open you can’t go with out an Appointment it has to be pre-booked, most landlords items are chargeable and a minimum fee. There is no thought for our program of duties we have to dance around and not inconvenience them come when they say if they are open, notwithstanding we pay C/tax like everyone else so why would our waste not be treated the same as other house
    holders waste, (non building waste). I’m in London if you light a fire always assuming you have enough space to do it, not allowed next thing you know the Fire Engine arrives neighbours more than willing to report you.
    Several hundreds of pounds of everyone’s C/tax goes to Sadiq Khan, Londons Mayor above all laws and accountable to himself only.

  • icon

    The perks of living in London Michael

  • icon

    Amazing even 20 mph speed limit in London + humps and ramps to stop you speeding at 20 mph, still the rubbish poor quality road surface ravels away and full of potholes under Mr Khans watch. Plenty money being spend on traffic creating schemes and Bicycles lanes but not a bike to be seen, it all wonderful, just add ULEZ and Congestion Charge that’s £12.50 + £15.00 per day +
    £6.00 Per hour to park on the the street in Hammersmith if your car is Diesel not Euro 6.

  • icon

    Wonder if they would have been prosecuted if not a landlord

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    It’s not easily which eve way you do it skips + permits are very expensive if allowed to put on the road at all.
    Licensed carriers with little truck £290.00 for load and if mattresses £20 surcharge on top and I had 5 = £100. extra.
    The worry is you have no control over where it ends up.

  • Richard LeFrak

    The local tip in Preston charges landlords for disposing of anything and even if they sniff you are a landlord cannot enter. Charge if you borrow a van, need an appointment and the van owner to sign. As others have pointed out we have to pay when a property is empty so why can we not use the facilities and prevent fly tipping?


    A big old estate car is the answer, I run a 10 yr old Passat and look just like Joe public


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