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Labour local politicians back Michael Gove’s Rental Reform Bill

The body representing local councils is backing the government’s Renters Reform Bill - even though Labour dominates most local authorities.

Councillor Darren Rodwell - housing spokesperson for the Local Government Association and himself a Labour councillor - says: “We are pleased to see that the Renters’ Reform Bill will take steps to ensure private renters have a home that is safe and stable, increasing the rights of tenants and enabling people to better hold their landlord to account.

“The removal of ‘no fault’ evictions is a significant step towards tackling our national homelessness crisis, and we are also glad to see the introduction of an Ombudsman for the private rented sector, as an additional mechanism for tenants to seek appropriate redress from their landlord.


“Improved access to data on the private rented sector and mandated landlord registration through the Property Portal will also increase councils’ oversight of and ability to enforce against the small minority of landlords guilty of criminal behaviour.

“The LGA will continue to work with the Government to ensure that councils have the right powers, skills, capacity and resources to undertake effective enforcement activity to improve standards in the private rented sector.”

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    I bet they are pleased… up and until they are faced with a tidal wave of newly evicted tenants wanting them to provide housing 🆘🆘😂😂


    These councils will continue to advise tenants to sit tight until the bailiffs throw them out to delay having to house them. However I beleive that an S8 eviction is deemed by councils as making yourself deliberately homeless and absolves the council from housing anyone evicted for this reason.


    Wonder when the rogue tenants will realise NO ONE is on their side, not even Shelter, Acorn etc. when they can't even get into a homeless shelter?

    Unfortunately the tax payers will still pay to house their feral kids!

  • Peter Why Do I Bother

    Going through section 8 at the moment with two bag heads who are intermittent at paying and destroyed an apartment. They ended up there by some guy subletting it, as I have asked them to leave they have contacted the council and reported me for being a bad landlord. Smashed washbasin in the bathroom, burnt all the kitchen cupboard doors and completely off their boxes full time. Who do the council threaten with an enforcement notice...

    Joke the lot of them and the sooner I can get them out the sooner I will be cutting any assistance with the council, pay all council tax and support them with over the years in other housing issues and this is how they re pay you.

    The end is in sight for this tenant and once they are gone I will have to completely gut it and refurbish as washbasin, Kitchen, Handrails and Holes in walls will not fix themselves. AirBNB for this one.


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