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Council pockets £640 per landlord licence from next month

A new law requiring landlords in three wards of the London borough of Brent to pay for a selective licence will come into force on August 1.

Landlords who rent out properties in Dollis Hill, Harlesden & Kensal Green and Willesden Green, will legally be required to have a licence from just over two weeks’ time.

A licence will cost £640 for up to five years. Although applications before August 1 will be able to purchase a licence at the ‘old’ rate of £540.


A statement from Brent council says the three locations were selected for licensing following a borough-wide consultation that began in autumn 2022. A report to the council claimed that a selective licensing scheme would “have a positive impact on poor property conditions and high levels of antisocial behaviour in the three areas.”

Councillor Promise Knight, Cabinet Member for Housing, Homelessness and Renters’ Security, says: “The landlords who work with us take pride in renting out properties that offer decent facilities and living conditions to tenants. The licensing scheme supports landlords in offering the best they can to tenants, ensuring that tenants’ safety and security are protected.

“We encourage landlords and agents with properties in Dollis Hill, Harlesden & Kensal Green and Willesden Green to apply for a licence as soon as possible.”

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    …… 💰💰🆘🆘 and they wonder why we are selling up and rents are going up 😆

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    Obviously the councils bikkies- cream cakes - bill has increased mega and they have to find the money from somewhere. Baskets.

  • Just Mogler

    I have no problem letting a regulated surveyor observe my tenants' accommodation. I do however seriously object to being charged serious money for the intrusion, particularly as we are providing the service LA's seem impotent to emulate. As the phrase quotes 'Empty vessels make the most noise' . Where is AI when we need it

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    So basically as a Landlord if your property is in a rough area you have to pay £640!!! It proves the Council is ONLY interested in money knowing full well this cost will be passed on to Tenants.

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    • S W
    • 15 July 2023 02:15 AM

    Simply just make a new rule requiring the tenant to pay for £640 landlord fees.

    Rik Landlord

    Illegal to charge tenants fees.

    Rik Landlord

    Illegal to charge tenants fees.


    Add to rent, then it's not a fee

  • icon

    Rik . Everyone has to pass their costs onto the customer, that includes the government. If you want something for nothing that is stealing.

  • Clare Dundas

    Yep, rents will increase. How else can LLs afford extra costs? Head to Airbnb etc ... a saviour... for now.

  • icon

    Try having a rental in Burnley, Lancashire, where rents are much lower than London. Selective Licence £715 for 3 years, and my rental was only built 16 years ago, but the Council say, that because these fairly new houses are surrounded by not so good ones, I still have to pay....I even found in one of their reports, a recommendation to take my Road out....needless to say, it’s still in..

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    Cost's are an eyewatering £890 in Nottingham where I'm licensed. £640 is a bargain by comparison. But why do the scheme costs vary so wildly? A few miles down the road in another council area the scheme costs £340🤷‍♂️

    Peter Why Do I Bother

    That is a great question and one that Gove needs to be answering. As landlords do why do we pay double council tax and licensing for no benefit whatsoever?


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