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Saul Smart
I concur with all the above. Its just a very basic commonsense concept that the powers that be cannot seem to grasp. I have been in this business since 1991. Longest serving tenant 17 years- gone into supported housing a few years ago through age and choice. Current longest in place tenant been in since 2005. More than a dozen tenants with me at moment that are at 12 and 13 years and lots of tenants with me presently at 5 and 6 years. These people have no fear for their security of tenure- pay the rent, look after the propertty and be right with me (including reporting issues asap so i can get them dealt with)- thats all I ask. I dont look to interfere in their lives or look to be their life coach. I have done a number of evictions over 30 years but this is when a tenant has become totally untenantlike and wont address it haven been given many opportunities (mainly not paying the rent, trashing the property and ducking me). I dont feel I have been unreasonable on that seeing as Im the one that ends up with all the grief of a multi thousand bill for repair and rent loss whilst these get rehoused with impunity. I've sold 2 properties- one to another landlord with tenants left in situ, and one when the tenants have vacated this year. Whenever a property turns over now I look at possibly selling. I've had enough basically so rationalizing down rather than a full exit. Doesn't help the rentsl supply/demand ratio and i sympathise but my hands been forced for self preservation. Justcanother example of the powers that be making situations they're looking to address worse as they have been very successful at over recent years

From: Saul Smart 04 November 2021 08:22 AM

Saul Smart
I fully agree with the points in the article as in- too much too soon, the ability to shift old housing stock into a C from a D from an E takes very expensive measures such as solar pv, external or internal wall insulation etc costing multi £1000s per property (I've done some already and it ain't cheap!) Also agree- too much too soon when had hell on earth safely accessing properties over the last year for EICR requirements with covid- nightmare that isn't over yet with this 2nd massive covid peak. The funding for grants for energy performance measures is a joke and so far applications I put in in September haven't been 'vouchered' by the government yet. By the way have we forgotten about the white paper to outlaw gas boilers for heating by 2033? Thats a massive corker and needs to be factored in the epc planning now before taking any measures (landlords will need deep pockets!). So clarification on the whole package 'holistically' is necessary not a 'bit at a time' approach. In regard to the above comments I have found the same- in 28 years of landlording with 38 properties since the epc scheme came in (2007ish?) an epc has never been an issue asked for or raised by a tenant. However that still doesn't alter the fact we have to stop pumping megatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for climate change and environmental reasons nothing to do with benefitting tenants heating costs. We have signed up to the Paris agreement which obligates us too. What we need is breathing space and a sensible timescale with proper assistance- like it or not these measures are necessary and at some point soon will go forward regardless of the arguments surrounding 'tenants don't care.' Sorry but thats the harsh reality

From: Saul Smart 21 January 2021 09:40 AM

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