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Generation Rent says Bank of England governor is fellow-traveller

The Generation Rent group of activists says Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey is on their side about Section 21 evictions.

Bailey typically steers well clear of political hot potatoes but his comments to the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee at the end of last week have been carefully extracted by the group to bolster its argument.

In response to a question from a Labour MP Bailey said "no-fault evictions are very, very difficult for people.”


Generation Rent has selectively quoted Bailey’s contribution, including his comments “we have to do what we have to on monetary policy” and “I am conscious of the fact the PRS [Private Rented Sector] has a higher concentration of poorer demographics".

Accompanying the extracted quotes, a statement from Generation Rent chief executive Ben Twomey says: “As more renters feel the pain of higher rents and evictions, it is becoming harder for policymakers to ignore the need to abolish Section 21 evictions.

"But the proposals in the Renters Reform Bill are not enough - tenants must get more time and financial support to move for reasons beyond their control."

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    Mr Bailey not another one, The Renter’s Reform Bill is causing relationship between landlords and Tenants to break down (our Tenants are precious to us) with no remedy in the Bill.
    When this happens and far more likely to happen with laws favouring the Tenants, it a life Sentence for the landlord so how do you expected us to tolerate people living in our property that we are no longer even on virtual speaker terms with for various reasons. Including riding roughshod over us because of Shelter’s filling their heads with nonsense & some subletting without your permission, a fat lot of good a HMO license to reduce the number of occupants in this case. Mr Bailey keep out of things you know nothing about we can’t be going around the back of you to listen.

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    Very selective quoting from GenRent. 'No fault evictions are hard for people' - so are non-paying tenants, ASB & all the other faults S21 is used for. 'There is a higher proportion of poorer demography in the PRS' - if they were richer they would buy & many belong in social housing which is simply not available. He could also have said that rising interest rates are tough for LLs & pigs will be flying overhead very soon!

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    I’d rather he concentrated on his job and got inflation under control, rather than sticking his nose in here where he knows nothing about anything.

    Richard LeFrak

    Why is it that a whole host of people not from a property rental background are piping up and giving us all the benefit of their opinion?

    Bailey stick to the counting house and get that sorted and if truth be known you are partly responsible for this mess by sitting on your brown eye and letting inflation get out of control.

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    The section 21 notice period should be extended to 6 months and the section 8 arrears of rent should be reduced to 1 month or 4 weeks. That would solve 99% of these problems. Two months was appropriate in 1988 but now the PRS is so much larger a longer notice would work much better. Although I still believe there should be much more social housing to absorb the many people who use housing benefits to help with their rent. I am all for safety regulations but too much interference will eventually cause more problems for tenants as smaller landlords will exit the market

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    Bailey failed in his last job at the FCA and looks to be failing in his current job, so we don’t need him to interfere in something he doesn’t understand

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    Michael J.’ that sounds ok at first glance but wait a minute it’s currently taken more than 6 months already.
    Don’t I see an Article on here this morning from Mr Nick Slape (some slap in the face) from Co-op Bank & Shelter Polly saying its them 2 months to move, again this is directly caused by them and the Renters Renter’s Bill driving out
    Landlords, it will take a lot longer than 2 months in future when there’s none a available.

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    The ineptitude of people in power is mind boggling, last BOE governor crashed the Canadian economy, so got the job, Bailey failed at the FCA. By that thinking, the captain of the Titanic should have been head of the Navy


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