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Council offering landlords “training to help them improve”

Landlords have only until Friday to give their views on a controversial licensing consultation from a council known for its aggressive approach towards the private rental sector. 

Barking and Dagenham council has been consulting on its licensing property since February 16 and claims over 450 people have already sent in their views.

A replacement Selective Licensing Scheme is being proposed, along with a new Additional Licensing Scheme to cover small, shared Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) let to three or four people and outside the scope of Mandatory HMO Licensing.


However, the consultation closes this Friday, April 6, and a statement from the council claims there are benefits in its licensing schemes for landlords as well as tenant activists.

The council says these landlord benefits include Information and support, with licensed landlords receiving “regular guidance and training opportunities to help them improve”; Fair competition, with decent landlords “protected from unfair competition by dodgy landlords”; Enhanced reputation “through higher overall compliance across the borough” and Practical assistance with “access to multi-agency support for dealing with management issues, such as antisocial behaviour.”

Those interested in taking part can find out more and complete the survey on the council’s consultation webpage.

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    I don’t think employees from a council are qualified to train anyone in anything worthwhile.

  • George Dawes

    They’re experts in paper shuffling and paper clip arranging , that’s about it

    Oh and very good at sending bills out , by mail obviously as the internet seems to beyond them , like most things vaguely useful

  • icon

    Consultation , Does anyone really believe Landlords views will be considered. ?
    Landlords are probably best to sell up now.

  • icon

    I’m willing to train council employees how to use a computer and email.

  • icon

    The blind leading the sighted!!!


    Oh William - Love your Comment !🤣 Classic!

  • icon

    Council training Landlords. 😁- they can’t even look after any of the ones they have got! They’ll charge you for the pleasure as well I bet. Then still sting you with the licence. Money for the council to waste. On themselves. Again!

  • icon

    I need training in cultural awareness :)

    Does anyone actually do a proper day job anymore. We seem to have to deal with endless nonsense like this.


    Shush, Nick. 😉 You know comments about culture awareness have been disabled by the EDI office of landlordtoday.😉 Your name will go in his book. 😂😂😂


    Yes I noticed it was disabled. But you can't say the word "disabled" anymore. It's offensive. You will also go in the book. You have to use words like "inclusive" or "diversity".


    Nick, going in Kim Jon Norwood’s book is a badge of honour. 😂


    Annoyed - You can't celebrate St Georges day anymore. It's racist. You have to celebrate Ramadan, Diwali, Chinese New Year etc. Shame on you.

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    Nobody other than the council wants a licensing scheme. The council only want it as it generates income for them. They serve no purpose and only increase costs to tenants.

  • icon

    Happy St George’s Day to everyone.

  • icon

    I promise I will not Celebrate today . Please do not send the send the boys from the Council Round.

  • icon
    • A S
    • 23 April 2024 12:49 PM

    Sale completed on another one yesterday, huge relief! That's a 3 bed flat in London, housing 3 people, sold to a single person who will live alone - not sure how that helps the housing "crisis" buy hey ho.

    Just one 1 more to sell now. My advice to other landlords, there is a mildly hostile environment building, it is without doubt going to get a lot worse before it gets better. If you think your business can withstand the storm, good luck. If it can't, then make the decisions for your rental business for the good of yourself and your family now. Treat it like a game of chess, don't just look 1 move ahead, look 4 moves ahead. I did and it looked ugly!


    Agree. I would say "mildly hostile" describes the NRLA's attitude to landlords let alone the others.

  • icon

    " there is a mildly hostile environment building" - that is an UNDERSTATEMENT. MILDLY hostile???

    • A S
    • 23 April 2024 13:14 PM

    read my next line - it will get much worse! You will look back at the current times and realise it is only mild...

  • icon
    • C P
    • 23 April 2024 13:49 PM

    Well, maybe they should train themselves to look after the homes they manage first. before they embank on such a venture or is it challenge. Amazing. Politically driven to show they are doing some thing, a load of BS.

  • icon

    Council employees.. La crème de la crème.. Dealt with one employee recently from a North London council..

    1st time I responded to her "urgent letter" by email, I received an automated answer that she was "on training leave "

    2nd time i sent her an email, the automated answer was "I am on sick leave "... and that was three weeks ago..

    Perhaps, they could train Landlords on how to waste taxpayers money ?? They are the best experts.


    Well said. I wish they would all strike, go starving hungry. We wouldn't notice the difference and would save a load of money.

  • Franklin I

    ▪︎ This proposal raises serious concerns and warrants further scrutiny.
    ▪︎ The lack of accountability in council-managed properties is a pressing issue that must be addressed.
    ▪︎ Instead of solely targeting landlord training, there should be a focus on educating tenants on property upkeep and local housing authorities on efficient management of private rental sector properties.


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