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Fines for non-compliant landlords skyrocket as councils cash in

Fines for rogue landlords and agents in London have surged past the £10 million mark.  

With 19 council licensing schemes and consultations in London launched between New Year and April, the number of new measures introduced so far this year is 30% ahead of this time in 2023. 

Nearly a third of all new schemes launched this year have been targeting London boroughs. Among the boroughs stepping up their efforts this month alone are Brent, Tower Hamlets, and Redbridge, each introducing additional or selective measures to combat rogue practices within the rental market. 


Tower Hamlets, in particular, has disclosed over £1.2 million in financial penalties and rent repayment orders linked to unlicensed properties.

Redbridge Council has also revealed the results of its enforcement efforts from recent licensing measures, with 3,000 notices served and 76 prosecutions directly from their previous scheme. Meanwhile, Camden continues to lead in enforcement actions as the borough with the highest fines, recently announcing a hefty £350,000 penalty against an agency for failing to comply with a planning enforcement notice.

The data comes from PropTech firm Kamma which tracks fine updates through the Mayor of London’s rogue landlord’s database to determine total fines in the city. 

Orla Shields, Kamma CEO comments: "The surge in fines and licensing measures across London are clear indicators of the growing seriousness with which regulatory compliance is being treated. This year's record-breaking figures represent a strong stance against non-compliance for agents and landlords in London."

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  • icon

    This is just a sign of things to come. The great council shakedown of landlords is just getting started. Selective Licenses give them MORE powers to fine. It’s an easy revenue generator

  • George Dawes

    If they fined councils for incompetence they'd all be bankrupt


    Most of them are anyway 😂 but that is to be expected when they pay their CEOs upwards of half a million pounds.


    Council employees are all a waste of space. Jo Negrini of Croydon Council got a pay off of arounf £450k for messing everything up.

    • B L
    • 10 April 2024 14:22 PM

    Our people will never keep the Red Flag flying here. There is only one banner that Britain flies, the one that has kept flying for centuries—the red, white and blue. - M. Thatcher

    Our people have become a minority under the councils in many regions. People pay all kinds of taxes to have a prosperous and safe country. This non-stop fine tactics on individuals is an obvious proof of losing focus. On the other hand, councils keep increasing their own salaries when they have huge deficit, fancy pet projects that no one needs, over spending without planning and monitoring...etc.. There is a news that Scottish councils start looking into people's bins to fine wrong doings. Is there any fine for those bloodsuckers, parasites who miss managed public money which is our money?

  • icon

    We all read and hear councils are broke. So licences are an easy way for money. And is PLL’S are again an easy target. ( and Jahan - I agree it’s just top of the iceberg).

  • George Dawes

    They’ll probably mess that up and end up sending bills to themselves by mistake

  • icon

    I can see Labour encouraging this behaviour as they won’t have to provide as much funding 🤐 we are sitting ducks 🦆

  • Bill Wood

    January to August 2023, TFL got £68M in ULEZ charges. A real money spinner!

  • icon

    Shaking down LL's its a truly great way of paying for council staff final salary defined benefit pension schemes, that private sector employers removed years ago due to their risk of bankrupting the companies. Odd that these same pensions schemes are now bankrupting councils.

  • icon

    Why do they always Start with Rogue Landlords ? We do not know the full details .
    What involvement does the tenant have in any problem ?
    Has the Landlord had notice and time to rectify any problems ?
    How Reasonable and serious are the alleged breaches of requirements for Compliance ?
    What is the reason for all of the Licence Is it safety or A money Grabbing .

  • icon

    Money grab, without doubt.


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