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Tax Break: deal helps landlords incorporate and manage portfolios

The National Residential Landlords Association has partnered with GetGround, a property investment platform for buy-to-let landlords looking to find, structure, and manage their UK limited companies.

NRLA members can now take advantage of this partnership to facilitate limited company structures which may help increase tax efficiencies, and optimise inheritance planning.

GetGround offers a range of services to help investors achieve higher returns. Tasks which GetGround can assist NRLA members include the following:  

  • Creating a new limited company
  • Bookkeeping, accounting, tax filing, and administrative support for existing limited companies
  • Opening a landlord-optimised business account 
  • Finding a vetted new build or tenanted secondary property
  • Selling a property, tenanted or not, to an active community of landlords and agents.

NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle says: “The private rented sector has changed enormously in recent years. This collaboration is a demonstration of the NRLA’s ongoing pledge to provide our members with innovative and dynamic solutions to the challenges of letting property in 2024.

“The NRLA’s partnership with GetGround exemplifies our commitment to helping landlords manage their property investments and in turn promote the growth of a healthy, sustainable, private rented sector.”

And GetGround chief executive Moubin Faizullah-Khan adds: “Over the years at GetGround, we have grown and developed our products significantly, driven by constant feedback from landlords on our platform to create services that work seamlessly for all parts of the property investment journey.

“In collaborating with the NRLA, UK's largest landlord association, we aim to further increase the impact of hassle-free property investment for both seasoned and first-time investors, and are excited to connect with landlords from all over the world to do so.”

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  • icon

    Tax break NRLA teaming up with GetGround that should be good one Ben anymore bright ideas.
    I think you were down this road before
    teaming up with Less tax for Landlords until the Revenue gave us a kick up the backside and the schemes failed.

  • icon

    What commission are the NRLA getting? That seems to be their raison d'etre these days, rather than fighting for their members.😠


    Yes, Ben Beadle arguing that S21 is ok for Landlords, is the last thing he did for us to sell us down the river.
    I certainly WON'T be funding an association, that actually hinders me in the future.

  • icon

    There is probably a lot of money to be made from the large number of landlords who will sell due to the Renters Reform legislation.

  • Richard LeFrak

    What is this utter plank up to now, Rome is burning Ben and here you are fkn about flogging another non compliant scheme...

    Get A Grip ...!

  • H D
    • H D
    • 15 April 2024 14:36 PM

    Give us a guarantee that HMRC approves the scheme and we'll listen. Otherwise let Ben Nero continue playing his fiddle.


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