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Our tenants have our contact details, and I encourage them to use them whenever there is even a minor issue - would rather get it sorted sooner rather than later. As Bernard Brandon said - I was always told that they had to be issued a Section 48 notice - and I make sure that our tenants are issued this (email and hard copy), and they sign to say they have had it. Some tenancy agreements also include a Section 48 notice. The more concerning aspect of this article is the section where they ask tenants what documents they received - we have a standard pack of documents (which is about an inch thick now!) and we email these to the prospective tenants at least a week before they sign the tenancy, then we give them hard copies on the day and go through each and every one with them - often with check-in taking well over an hour now with Right to Rent, inventory, How to Rent, various safety certificates and 'how to' guides, tenancy agreement and so on - but still I have had a tenant recently tell me that she never saw the inventory (although her and her Dad spent a 40 minutes going round the property checking it all), and she said she never received a big pink folder full of things like the gas safety certificate, manuals for appliances, etc... she has had them, and she had them emailed to her, and she signed to say she had had them at check-in- and I have re-sent them again recently on email, which she replied to - but still claims she has never seen them! Some tenants have selective memory on things like this. Asking a tenant what they received isn't necessarily going to give an accurate picture.

From: E T 14 November 2021 12:05 PM

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