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Shock Figures show New-Build levels plummeting further

The year to March 2024 saw the fewest new housing sites consented than during any 12-month period since the data collection...

15 June 2024

From: The Big Issues

Labour pledges “immediate” scrapping of Section 21

Labour’s manifesto, just released, makes a pledge to enact the “immediate” abolition of Section 21 eviction powers, along with other private...

13 June 2024

From: Breaking News

Generation Rent says landlords should  share tax break with tenants

The Generation Rent activist group says the Conservative manifesto pledge to give a tax break to landlords selling to tenants should...

12 June 2024

From: Breaking News

Tory Rental Reform and Housing Policies in Full

The Conservatives have set out a 78-page manifesto, of which just over two pages are given to housing and related issues.  Here...

12 June 2024

From: Breaking News

Build To Rent wants special treatment from next government

The British Property Federation wants the next government to give special assistance to Build To Rent developers to allow them to...

12 June 2024

From: Breaking News

Capital Gains Tax scrapped for landlords selling to tenants - Tory pledge

The Conservatives say they will scrap Capital Gains Tax for landlords who sell to sitting tenants, if they win the General...

11 June 2024

From: Breaking News

Yes, it really DOES still pay to be a landlord

The Times recently calculated that recent tax and regulation changes made it unviable for many landlords to continue in the sector. We...

04 June 2024

From: Breaking News

Tomorrow’s Stamp Duty Change “a missed opportunity to reform renting”

A controversial stamp duty change - announced months ago but coming into effect tomorrow - has been described as a missed...

31 May 2024

From: Breaking News

Why It No Longer Pays To Be A Landlord

New figures released by Savills, and published by The Times, show exactly why it no longer makes sense to be a...

29 May 2024

From: Breaking News

Do High Rents Mean London is Losing Its Edge?

Higher borrowing costs have created a mood of hesitancy in property markets. Rising mortgage rates mean UK residential sales are increasingly...

25 May 2024

From: The Big Issues

Landlords - Under-estimated, Under-appreciated and Un-loved

* This piece is written jointly by Richard Rowntree (Managing Director, Paragon Bank) and Ben Beadle (Chief Executive of the National...

18 May 2024

From: Rental Reform

New batch of landlords preparing to sell, warns leading agency

The research head of Knight Frank is warning that a new batch of landlords are preparing to sell up and leave...

07 May 2024

From: Breaking News

Stamp Duty causes Buy To Let investment to plummet in key areas

The proportion of buy to let properties purchased in Southern England fell to a record low last year, continuing a trend...

30 April 2024

From: Breaking News

Revealed - types of property selling slowest and fastest

Detached homes in Wales are the slowest property types to sell across the UK and take an average of 92 days...

27 April 2024

From: Agent Advice

Jonathan Rolande - Why the Section 21 Debate Is a Smokescreen

Jonathan Rolande is a property industry and housing market commentator, and is founder of the National Association of Property Buyers.  It’s almost...

26 April 2024

From: Breaking News

Build To Rent chief's take on Why Renting Works

Nick Woodward, director of lettings at Essential Living, gives insights into why renting may be the best option for many. 1. Responsibility...

20 April 2024

From: Top tips & guides

Spring into action and sell your BTL portfolio fast

There wasn’t much by way of good news in the Spring Budget for landlords and property investors last month. Although some rumours...

18 April 2024

From: Sponsored Content

Rental Market set to strengthen as First Time Buyers hold back

Around half of first-time buyers say their prospects of owning a home are further away than ever due to the ongoing...

17 April 2024

From: Breaking News

New tax clampdown on landlords buying multiple properties

The Labour-led government in Wales has issued a consultation proposing the abolition of Land Transaction Tax Multiple Dwelling Relief from June...

16 April 2024

From: Breaking News

Ongoing ‘tax grab’ deters investors says senior lettings agent

The head of lettings agency Benham and Reeves has made an outspoken attack on stamp duty. The agency analysed data from the...

10 April 2024

From: Breaking News

Renting set to boom as buying is even less affordable

The average house prices in England was £290,000 last year, some 8.3 times average annual earnings. This was actually down from 8.5...

26 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Council Tax Rebates for renters - think tank’s suggestion

A think tank is urging the UK government to consider tax perks for private renters to help them save faster for...

21 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Jeremy Hunt has “rendered hundreds of businesses unviable - overnight”

The Chancellor has rendered hundreds of lettings businesses unviable overnight as a result of his Budget tax clampdown. That’s the view of...

18 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Prime London Rents Retreat as Supply Builds

Seasonality is returning to the prime London lettings market after three tumultuous years.  The pandemic meant the market was initially flooded with...

16 March 2024

From: Agent Advice

NRLA and Generation Rent argue over tax ahead of Budget

In a final call on the Chancellor to help the private rental sector in today’s Budget, the National Residential Landlords Association...

06 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Tax Grab from landlords closely resembles Generation Rent advice

A controversial proposal for a £300m tax grab on landlords appears to closely follow a policy suggestion put forward by activists...

04 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Tax Raid planned on landlords in Budget - report

The Budget on Wednesday will contain a £300m tax raid on the private rental sector according to a report this morning...

03 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Tax Cuts - what should we expect in Wednesday's Budget?

Like a parent whose kids expected half term in Disneyland, Jeremy Hunt is spending the week managing expectations – and crushing...

02 March 2024

From: Tax & Finance

Generation Rent: homeless data shows “whole new level of horror”

Activist group Generation Rent has described the latest homelessness data from the government as showing “a whole new level of horror.” It...

01 March 2024

From: Breaking News

Lawyer steps up criticism of Gove’s attack on private landlords

A prominent lawyer has stepped up her criticisms of Housing Secretary Michael Gove and his attacks on buy to let and...

28 February 2024

From: Breaking News

Call for eco-tax incentives to make landlords improve, and not sell

Rightmove is calling on Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to use next week’s Budget as an opportunity to incentivise landlords to make properties...

28 February 2024

From: Breaking News

Holiday Let Mortgages - Everything You Need To Know

One of the biggest parts of buying a holiday home is securing a holiday let mortgage which can differ substantially to...

24 February 2024

From: Agent Advice

The Rich Embrace Renting Over Selling

Deciding on a residence in the bustling city of London is no small feat, especially when faced with the dichotomy of...

17 February 2024

From: Agent Advice

Demand for private rental property soars again - new figures

Two thirds of landlords say the demand for private rented housing is continuing to increase, according to new research commissioned by...

12 February 2024

From: Breaking News

Tax - will Jeremy Hunt target stamp duty in his Budget?

Although SDLT receipts have been volatile in recent years, the property tax’s effectiveness as a revenue-raiser for the Government is not...

10 February 2024

From: Tax & Finance

Selling Up? What to expect if you use a property auction

Landlords are selling up in significant volumes these days - partly to cash in on capital appreciation, but mostly thanks to...

10 February 2024

From: Agent Advice

Labour Tax Plans - agency advises landlords to take advantage

A prominent lettings agency is advising landlords to fit out homes in prime locations to the same high specification as if...

30 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Will Hunt listen to rental proposal that gives £10 billion to the Treasury?

Increasing the supply of homes for private rent would boost government finances by £10 billion, says the National Residential Landlords Association. The...

29 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Scrap Stamp Duty for landlords urges respected independent expert

Paul Johnson - a director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies since 2011 and a visiting economics professor at University College...

24 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Rent Controls - the lessons the industry should learn

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on migrating away from the emergency rent controls introduced in September 2022 and extended...

20 January 2024

From: The Big Issues

Yield league table shows best (and worst) performing regions

A respected league table of yields in different parts of England and Wales has issued its latest figures. The Fleet Mortgages Buy-to-Let...

18 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Housing Crisis Solved - parties, government, councils and BoE work together

A building society is calling upon politicians, government, the Bank of England and local councils and other bodies to cooperate on...

13 January 2024

From: The Big Issues

Rental sector rivals unite against Tory First Time Buyer plans

Both sides of the rental divide have criticised Conservative proposals to boost housing demand while doing nothing about supply. Over the New...

02 January 2024

From: Breaking News

Agent lifts lid on what high-end tenants expect…and what they get

According to a London property management company, the profile of renters in prime London is varying hugely.  Glenfield Property Management says that...

28 December 2023

From: Breaking News

Landlords Warn Tenants - rents up in 2024 thanks to mortgage costs

Almost two thirds of private landlords expect to see their mortgage payments increase over the next 12 months with warnings that...

21 December 2023

From: Breaking News

Rental demand triples in just four years says NRLA

The proportion of private landlords who report increased demand for rental properties has more than tripled compared with demand for properties...

01 December 2023

From: Breaking News

Tax Bombshell: triple stamp duty surcharge, urges think tank

The government should tax property ‘hoarders’ cashing in on the UK housing market says a left-leaning think tank. A report by the New Economics...

24 November 2023

From: Breaking News

Official figures show house prices to suffer significant fall next year

The Office for Budget Responsibility - a Treasury department operating independently from the government - released its central forecast for the...

23 November 2023

From: Breaking News

Mortgage interest relief must be reinstated says agency boss

Winkworth's chief executive says next week’s Autumn Statement must see the reinstatement of Mortgage Interest Tax Relief for investors. Dominic Agace says...

15 November 2023

From: Breaking News

Pressure on government for stamp duty cut in Autumn Statement

A prominent estate agency says there’s a stronger case for a stamp duty cut now than there was during the pandemic. Knight...

08 November 2023

From: Breaking News

Housing market now on General Election footing, claims top agency

The best way to judge the UK housing market is to check on what’s happening in Parliament, not the price indices...

01 November 2023

From: Breaking News

HMRC holding tax teach-in for new landlords

HM Revenue and Custoims is running a series of webinars aimed primarily at those new to earning income from property of...

20 October 2023

From: Breaking News

Sunak’s Massive Housing Challenge Before Next Election

There is a real difficulty for Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party at the moment.  After 14 years in power, any failings land squarely...

07 October 2023

From: Agent Advice

Mortgage firm tells Tories - Renters Reform Bill isn’t that bad…

The head of a specialist buy to let mortgage broker has split from almost all of the industry by saying the...

19 September 2023

From: Breaking News

Government bags £884.2m in SDLT despite threshold changes

Research by Quickmove Properties estimate that, despite changes to stamp duty thresholds implemented last September designed to save homebuyers money, the...

07 September 2023

From: Breaking News

Tax (not rental reform) is real reason why landlords quit - claim

Whoever forms the next government must put the private rental sector at the heart of its housing policy. That’s the view of...

06 September 2023

From: Breaking News

Sweeping Tax Reform for Landlords - six key demands

Sweeping tax changes for landlords have been demanded by letting agents group Propertymark. The group has analysed the impact of changes using...

05 September 2023

From: Breaking News

EPC Reform - government must give massive incentives, says Rightmove

An analysis conducted over the summer by Rightmove suggests it could take literally decades for the private rental sector to conform...

05 September 2023

From: Breaking News

Capital Appreciation - new blow as Nationwide reveals growing slump

August saw a further softening in house prices which are now 5.3 per cent down on a year ago. The Nationwide says...

04 September 2023

From: Breaking News

The Benefits of Landlord Incorporation

Scores of portfolio landlords are incorporating their property portfolio as limited companies, which could save hundreds of thousands of pounds on...

26 August 2023

From: Tax & Finance

Surprise Surprise - Landlords now twice as likely to sell as to buy

New research has come to a conclusion that will surprise few - that landlords today are twice as likely to be...

21 August 2023

From: Breaking News

Property Investment and How the Investor Demographic has Evolved

Property investment dates back centuries – millennia, even. As a fundamental necessity for post-nomadic humanity, residential and commercial real estate have...

29 July 2023

From: Tax & Finance

Tax threat forcing wealthy sellers to rent instead of buy - claim

An outspoken agent says he is seeing growing numbers of people renting in later life to reduce their inheritance tax liability. Trevor...

27 July 2023

From: Breaking News

Over the past year, we have witnessed an increase in the proportion of landlords opting to acquire properties through limited companies.  This...

15 July 2023

From: Tax & Finance

Successive Chancellors (we’re looking at you Gordon Brown and George Osborne) have monkeyed around with the market as if it was...

15 July 2023

From: The Big Issues

Stamp Duty - should landlords review accuracy of tax?

A long-standing tax consultancy has raised the spectre of too much Stamp Duty ha wing been paid thanks to mistakes made...

13 July 2023

From: Breaking News

Capital appreciation worries after shock annual house price fall

The average UK house price fell slightly in June, by around £300 compared to May with a typical property now costing...

10 July 2023

From: Breaking News

Tory hard liners want stamp duty to stay on additional homes

A vocal group of around 50 Conservative right wing MPs wants an end to stamp duty - except for additional homes...

07 June 2023

From: Breaking News

How Much? Huge tax payments by landlords

Investors and second home buyers contributed over a quarter of all property taxes in the last year according to a property...

30 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Tory MP wants “locals first” policy against short lets

A Tory MP representing a popular tourist area has attacked the proliferation of short lets, and wants a “locals first” policy...

26 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Pilot study into Airbnb and second homes effect on communities

An area has been identified for a two-year study of the impact which second homes, Airbnbs, other holiday lets and empty...

25 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Stamp Duty Surcharge: Labour considers raising it even higher

Labour is considering raising the buy to let and holiday home stamp duty surcharge above the current three per cent if...

15 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Labour bid to help renters buy sets alarm bells ringing

Labour’s proposed reforms to the housing market “raise many questions”, a property industry figure claims. Under controversial plans put forward by party...

05 May 2023

From: Breaking News

Property Taxes hit new highs - HMRC reveals data

New figures show that property taxes - often rising as a result of frozen thresholds - lead the way as the...

26 April 2023

From: Breaking News

Government investment zones driving up rental markets - claim

Tax expert David Hannah claims that the government's 12 new high-growth investment zones have already begun to drive property prices in...

14 April 2023

From: Breaking News

The War On Landlords - a reader writes…

Landlord Today receives a number of unsolicited contributions from readers. These are always welcome but few are as well argued and...

11 April 2023

From: Breaking News

HMRC rakes in the cash - is Inheritance Tax hurting property?

A business consultancy is reporting a rise in stamp duty paid by landlords and other home buyers - but is warning...

22 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Message to Chancellor - ease the landlords’ tax burden

.The National Residential Landlords Association has called for a full review of how landlords and the private rental sector are taxed. In...

15 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Eco-tax breaks for green landlords under consideration - Propertymark

Lettings agents’ body Propertymark says its proposal for tax incentives to be offered for landlords is one measure under consideration by...

08 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Politicians want tax incentives for landlords to boost energy efficiency

The Welsh Government should consider tax incentives to support improvements to the energy efficiency of private rented housing, according to a...

02 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Triple Whammy Tax Attack on landlords proposed for Budget

A controversial new report demands that the government uses next month’s Budget to sharply increase tax burdens for landlords. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s...

24 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Crowdfund property platform targets ‘new generation’ of investors

A new crowdfunding platform says it’s opening up property investing to “a whole new generation.” Allbricks claims it’s disrupting “the antiquated mortgage...

07 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Landlords taxed too much and review needed, says NRLA

The National Residential Landlords Association is calling on the government to begin a full review of how private rented housing is...

06 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Tory MP speaks up for landlords and urges tax reform

A Conservative MP is calling on the government to help landlords boost rental supply by reforming taxation. Andrew Lewer, Conservative MP for...

01 February 2023

From: Breaking News

Specialist property sales for landlords

As many buy-to-let landlords continue to question their place in the market with ever increasing legislation, finance and management costs, one...

26 January 2023

From: Sponsored Content

Increase stamp duty for landlords says prominent Tory MP

A top Tory who is chair of the Conservative backbench Treasury Committee and a member of the Treasury Select Committee says...

25 January 2023

From: Breaking News

Property Tax Surcharge - politicians break rank to query measure

Two Members of the Scottish Parliament have broken rank with their own party to query the motivation behind a new property...

20 January 2023

From: Breaking News

Who says buy to let is in trouble? Landlords on buying spree!

Investment buyers will snap up a higher proportion of homes in 2022 than they did in 2021, the Hamptons agency forecasts.   So...

14 December 2022

From: Breaking News

Property funding retirement? Not easy now - landlords warned

A major survey of 1,500 adults shows that a quarter plan to downsize their home in retirement, with many others suggesting...

14 December 2022

From: Breaking News

Tory slams government over second homes and “stuck” first time buyers

A prominent Conservative has described as “infuriating and saddening” the fact that so many Millennials are stuck renting and cannot afford...

12 December 2022

From: Breaking News

Do more to stop private landlords selling up, government told

More must be done to keep private landlords in the rental sector, a new study has proposed. New Open Property Group says...

09 December 2022

From: Breaking News

Shamplina Speaks - rental sector facing biggest challenges in 30 years

I think 2022 can be summarised as ‘unsettling’ to say the least. With three prime ministers in less than six months,...

03 December 2022

From: Rental Reform

Understanding Buy To Let finances – tips for new landlords

Although the property and mortgage markets have been in a state of flux for the past few months, with rising interest...

03 December 2022

From: Tax & Finance

HMRC trousers huge rise in tax revenue - latest figures

New data just released by HM Revenue & Customs shows income tax, national insurance and capital gains tax receipts for April...

23 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Forget buy to let - try other property investment, landlords urged

A prominent figure in property investment is warning that buy to let is the sector facing the biggest challenges in the...

21 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Hunt  and Sunak missed the chance to  boost rental supply - claim

The government’s Autumn Statement yesterday missed the opportunity to boost supply for the private rental sector, it’s been claimed.  Ben Beadle, chief...

18 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Landlords hit by Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty changes

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has delivered his long-awaited Autumn Statement - the fiscal event which he says will lead to “all of...

17 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Sunak, Gove & Co have broken the private rental sector - new claim

The main landlords’ trade body has blasted the government for ‘breaking’ the private rented sector through laws, measures and comments deliberately...

17 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Cashing Out - more landlords will quit, predicts new bank survey

New research from the bank Handelsbanken suggests some landlords will reduce their portfolios if economic conditions worsen. Almost 60 per cent of...

16 November 2022

From: Breaking News

Beware - HMRC tracking down landlords with undisclosed income

HMRC is intensifying its efforts to track down landlords with undisclosed income, a financial consultancy claims. Perrys, a firm of chartered accountants,...

01 November 2022

From: Breaking News

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