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Tips to update your property and increase interest from Just Landlords

07 September 2018 2135 Views
Tips to update your property and increase interest from Just Landlords

Here at Just Landlords, we understand the importance of property portfolios receiving a bit of TLC now and again. We may be providers of specialist Landlord Insurance, but our interests and expertise span across the entire property industry, so we’ve provided some tips to help increase interest from potential tenants.

You may have some fabulous pieces in your portfolio, but are they attracting the amount of interest that you expected? Perhaps, in recent years, you’ve noticed that interest has waned. It may be that you simply need to breath some life into the house, and take stock of who your current target audience may be.

For example, if you have found that your property is situated in a city with a high level of younger renters, then you may want to take popular style trends into account.

If you come to the conclusion that a complete restyle is in order, then it would be worth considering updating appliances. In the kitchen, evaluate the need for a new fridge/fridge-freezer, cooker, washing machine and dishwasher. Any smaller touches, such as a toaster and kettle could also be replaced with something more contemporary.

You might find the idea of choosing a theme for the kitchen daunting, but if you start with the larger appliances, you can form a basis for your colour scheme. In general, you’ll have a choice of white, silver or black. Sticking with one of these throughout could make all the difference.

With the smaller touches, we have a tip for you: search online for collections. If, for example, you were to search online for a kettle, you will find on most websites that other appliances are also available in the same style.

Continuing on with the idea of collections, this could even expand to furniture such as chairs, beds, lampshades and rugs. If such thought was put into the appearance of your property, this is sure to impress many during viewers.

Repainting the walls, doors and any skirting boards can also give the house a new lease of life. Consider sticking with neutral colours, as this can make it easier if you decide to update any furniture in the future and want it to match.

We also have one final tip, in regards to interest, for those considering which area of the UK to invest in: take into account access to public travel. With commuting into more expensive areas, such as central London, being a life choice made by many renters, having a home to let in proximity to a rail station or a regular bus route could really add appeal.

Keep an eye out for up and coming areas, with future developments in store, for example, the opening of new rail stations providing direct travel to big city centres.

The market is ever changing, as we’re sure you know, but as long as you keep on top of current trends, you should hopefully be able to maintain interest in your properties and avoid any long periods of unoccupancy. 

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