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Number of households privately renting has doubled in 30 years

The number of households renting from private landlords has more than doubled in the past thirty years. 

Some 22% of households now rent privately, according to a report from think tank ResPublica. 

In 1985 the figure was just 9%. 


Conversely, the number of households renting from public landlords has fallen dramatically during the same period.

In 1985, 30% of households rented from public landlords, a figure which has since fallen to 9%

The report also reveals that owner-occupancy levels are the same now as they were thirty years ago.

In 1985, 61% of households owned their home, the same proportion as today, ResPublica reports. 

This is despite a significant drop in the early 2000s. 

Earlier this year, the annual English Housing Survey revealed that in 2013/2014 19% of households rented privately, while owner-occupiers accounted for 63% of all households. 

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    Nothing to do with 3m+ Europeans migrated to UK who are used to renting back home then....?

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    • 22 February 2019 14:52 PM

    Nope MASS UNCONTROLLED IMMIGRATION has only been of net benefit to the UK.
    It has enabled employers to pay low wages topped up by billions of Working Tax Credits.
    It has caused massive pressures on already inadequate infrastructure.
    Houses being one of them.
    So lots of property that might have been affordable for homeowners has been bought by LL to house all the immigrants.
    So of course a massive benefit to all those aspirant homeowners who have now been replaced by immigrants renting what would have been normal homes.
    Of course such numbers of immigrants has caused property prices to rise; again of benefit to aspirant homeowners!!
    I remember only a few decades ago when 40000 immigrants per year was considered excessive but even that number didn't have too much of an effect on infrastructure.
    Well with an average net immigration of about 300000 every year it is hardly a surprise that for a substantial part of the UK population the alleged benefits of MASS UNCONTROLLED IMMIGRATION are quite hard to see.
    It was the main reason I voted Leave.
    Controlled immigration I have no problem with as our elected Govt will decide that and they can be booted out every GE if the population desires.
    But the EU Free Movement policy was never going to work while the UK persists with its ever so generous welfare system and free NHS.
    As Govt persists with its anti-PRS policies in feeble attempts to appease GR LL are now exiting the PRS at a time when more not fewer rental properties are needed.
    The PRS has risen to the challenge of providing the required rental accommodation but now in light of LL largely satisfying thst demand the Govt has devided to adopt policies that force about 25% of the PRS out of business.
    You really couldn't make it up.
    You only have to look across the Irish Sea to see that belatedly the Irish Govt has realised the ridiculousness of their S24 version and abolished it.
    They are now having to use measures to actively encourage LL to return to their PRS.
    Surely the UK Govt can see what will happen and is already hsppening in the UK as a consequence of these bonkers policies!?
    If I could press a button I would get rid of every single EU migrant and then allow them to apply for any jobs that might be available but at an income of no less than £23000 per year.
    So no WTC would be required and employers would have to pay proper wages to BRITISH workers.
    But voting Leave was the nearest I could come to stopping anymore mass immigration.
    The UK is a small island and we have no desire for an ever expanding population.
    We should strive to reduce the population to about 53 million.
    Things were a lot better at that population level.
    But what is required is a mass training and upskilling of the British worker so that immigrants aren't needed.
    Of course none of this will ever occur.
    So the UK will be burdened for decades by the idiocy of Bliar and his open door policy to Mass Uncontrolled Immigration.


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