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Residents association to take on landlords with HMO register

A group of residents is putting together a list of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) in its local area in order to make sure landlords abide by new rules being introduced by the council.

The Arboretum Residents Association, based in Worcester, is compiling the register of HMOs. 

Recently, Worcester City Council introduced rules which require any landlord intending to covert a property into an HMO to seek planning permission.  


All HMOs in Worcester will also now be required to be registered with the city council. 

The Arboretum area of Worcester has a high concentration of HMOs and the association has asked local residents to let it know of any HMOs so that it can check whether or not they are registered with the council. 

“We are working in conjunction with the local council to compile a comprehensive register of landlords letting HMOs to help unearth the real extent of HMO-use in our area,” says Ivan Smith, chair of the Arboretum Residents Association.  

“As with all licensing schemes, responsible landlords have nothing to fear but as a group of residents we feel that irresponsible landlords often attract irresponsible tenants which often leads to anti-social behavioural issues."

Smith has confirmed that the Arboretum Residents Association has already notified the council of a number of properties which hadn't previously been identified as HMOs and says that the association is keen for the council to introduce an online reporting system. 

Worcester City Council says it has introduced the new HMO rules in order to increase the quality of rented accommodation in the city as well as ensuring landlords abide by health and safety regulations. 

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  • Felicity Blair

    It's fantastic to see that efforts are being made to make the private rented sector better, and raise the standard of rented accommodation. Is this enough? Not nearly, but it's a step in the right direction. Let's hope other areas follow suit.

  • icon

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  • icon

    Of course its great to see standards getting better in spite of councils best efforts to make standards worse the licensing fee/tax means that a significant number of landlords have had to cancel improvement works we are structured so that we can afford the licensing fees/taxes and we send the tenants a fully itemised list of council fees/taxes and and add that exact amount to the rent, unfortunately that means some tenants cant afford the increased rent ,however I am sure the councils will say that tenants are much happier living in a nice cosy bus shelter or cardboard box than living in a house in an area where the council have not introduced a licensing / tax regime


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