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The government is “in the pockets of rogue landlords”, says Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Tory government of intentionally not fixing the housing crisis after revelations that thousands of private renters are living in substandard conditions.

Reacting to a report in the Guardian on Sunday, in which it was claimed that more than half a million people aged under 35 are estimated to be living in rented properties so hazardous they are likely to lead to residents needing medical attention, Corbyn said that the government is allowing people to live in hazardous conditions because it is, according to him, “in the pockets of rogue landlords”.

Responding to the story, the Labour leader said: “The squalid and unsafe conditions that hundreds of thousands of people face are at crisis level. The broken housing market is in urgent need of a complete overhaul.


“The Conservatives can’t fix the housing crisis because they’re in the pockets of property speculators and rogue landlords, not on the side of tenants.”

Corbyn has made no secret of his desire to offer tenants greater powers.

In an interview with The Independent two months ago, he claimed that giving private tenants greater security against eviction would reduce homelessness.

He told the online newspaper: “I am very committed to housing and dealing with homelessness. I think it’s a moral litmus test for the country: do we just put up with so many rough sleepers or do we do something about it.

“What we [a Labour government] would do is bring in a more regulated private rented system with particular emphasis on longer tenancies.”

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  • G romit

    If the Govt is “in Landlords pockets” it’s only to steal the contents.

  • icon

    Any landlord that votes for that rocket deserves all that will come their way.

    Labour policies and Corbyn will take everything you have and impose a lot of grief on (in their words) "rich landlords".

    Remember according to them, every landlord is rich.

  • icon

    Rogue landlords and poor conditions for tenants are not new issues and existed in the Labour government days, so the same could be said about Labour being in the pockets of rogue landlords.

  • icon

    rogue landlords and unsafe conditions do need sorting out, longer tenancies? fine, but what happens when the tenant stops paying the rent? at present we are looking at a long drawn out process with very expensive court fees, so how about a quick cheap way of getting non paying tenants out? ain't going to happen is it?

  • James B

    All this landlord battering is not going to help the crisis, it will chase landlords away how does that help. This is purely about votes it won’t solve the problem or even come close, this will reduce supply and send rents up

  • icon

    This guy is a total idiot. He's like Trump, opens his mouth before he thinks about the consequences. Give Tenants more power's! how much more can we give them. Oh I know I'll give them my wallet and wife and access to my savings account when they move in! Jeez the politics in this country gets worse. Everyone is trying to blame the other and no one focuses on the issues.

  • icon

    I stopped reading when it said according to the Guardian

  • icon

    Why Jeremy Corbyn is silent on Clause 24 ??!!

    The corrupt Power hungry Corbyn is Complicit with Tories on Clause 24. He has been ignoring clause 24 for two years and raised the Universal Credit issue only in PMQ's as it gets him votes. He is encouraging Rogue Tenants. He just wants to give his voters (including Rogue Tenants) unlimited tenancies.

    Why is he not talking about clause 24 or Rent Payment history of tenants or Inflation adjusted rent increases in Tenancies or Cap on rent payments etc.

    Come on Mr Epitome of Honesty, Where are your morals now ?

    I guess the old man has become impatient and selling morals to become PM ASAP. God help the private landlords whom everybody is demonizing and abusing.

    After rent controls and unlimited tenancies, he will talk about nationalizing the private rental sector and then next labour pm will sell the nationalized businesses to highest bidder. What a recycle/whitewash of morals of labour and Comrade Mr Honest. (JC)

    Both Labour and Tories want to loot private landlords of their savings and then get their donor corporates to take over housing and keep the citizens in pigeon dockets type housing.

    In the name of fighting for tenants both labour and tories just want to loot landlords. Clause 24 is just the proof. Shame on both labour and the Tories.

  • icon

    If you ask me, the councils and their not-for-profit housing associations are the worst culprits when it comes to substandard conditions.

  • icon

    If your so committed to homelessness give the good landlords more power to fix the problem and crucify rogue landlords for upsetting the balance. Divide the good and the bad don’t just treat us all as bad landlords as most of us are not.


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