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UK rents rising more slowly than inflation but regional variations remain

The average cost of renting a property in the UK increased by 1.5% in the 12 months to November, the latest figures from HomeLet show.

The firm’s index, which is based on new lets agreed by landlords and agents using its referencing service, reveals that the average rent in the UK reached £918 per calendar month (pcm), up 1.5% on November 2017, which is lower than the UK inflation increase of 2.7%.

But some areas of the country are showing more extreme variance, with gains led by London where rents are continuing to increase at a significantly higher rate than both inflation and average wage growth, having seen growth of 4.4% since November 2017.


In contrast, Yorkshire and Humberside has seen the greatest decrease in the last 12 months. Despite a marginal 0.4% rise since October 2018, the region’s annual variance is -3%.

When London is excluded, the average rent in the UK is now £760pcm, up 0.9% on the same period last year.

Within Greater London the monthly outlay for tenants reached an average of £1,597pcm.

The largest year-on-year decline this month was the North East showing a -3% difference between November 2017 and November 2018.

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  • G romit

    ... and Sadiq Khan wants to introduce rent controls - Duh!

  • icon

    How about linking rent rises to Transport for London fare rises?

  • icon

    Rents have risen much faster in Scotland, where the SNP "government" is hell bent on attacking landlords, having removed all rights of the landlord to determine the length of leases and limited rent rises to maximum of one every 12 months, so that means they will definitely go up every 12 months. If anyone wants proof of how interference back fires on tenants then look at the Scottish PRS over the last year.


    scotland has no govt other than the london one--its an assembly. there should be no scottish MPs in Westminster

  • Amanda Burrow

    Okay I had a awful expertise with unersiaval credit in stoke on Trent yesterday and nothing to do with the adviser how had only 2 days training and working on front desk !
    My claimant a reformed drug addict but still with many issuers asked me to take and help him , I did and he requested his housing element of the claim to be made payable to me rather than his arm or nose !! Sorry but true
    After 3 hours we finally sorted it after speaking to a manager ! My Teanant asked for a advance he’s had no monies for 8 weeks ! The system only offered him 667 pounds which would of gone into his bank within a hour which included MY RENT element so WHAT IS HAPPENING he would of used that monies on drugs as he said himself , not given me the rent , only because I was with him we Sit and speak and agreed only to take 200 for food and bills !!
    WHAT IS THIS SYSTEM DOING AFTER MANY HOURS OF BEING ON THE TEL AND WITH Advisors trying to sort his life so he has a roof it totally ignored it and the system offered to put it in his bank with 3 hours , he admitted he wouldn’t pay his rent and council tax !!! Which will lead to him being on the streets ( sorry I have problems with my writing and spelling ) IM FURIOUS THIS NEW SYSTEM IS FULL OF PROBLEMS sorry it a total mess , the government and advisors should be ashamed of them selves

  • icon

    And to add to your woes Amanda, your local authority totally ignored the views of its residents and passed plans to introduce selective licensing on a far larger scale than it is likely to cope with. With increased expenditure and reduced income how many landlords will continue to house benefit tenants in the future?

  • icon

    the civil servants in charge of the roll out of UC should be sacked


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