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Legal crowdfunding campaign to help landlords oust tenants who don’t pay rent

Tenants are often able to live rent-free for weeks, if not months, when they are in dispute with their landlord about moving out, and now the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has launched a crowdfunding campaign to challenge strict laws that could soon make it even harder for a landlord to repossess a property.

The RLA is looking to raise £10,000 to fight a ruling which could stop landlords from taking back properties from tenants who are refusing to pay rent. 

The association is alarmed that a landlord has been unable to legally take back his property despite having a legitimate reason to do so, given that the tenants have stopped paying rent, building up significant arrears.


A licensing technicality has prevented the landlord, Mr Jarvis, from being able to evict the tenant because he holds a licence in his company name, with the property owned in his own name. Until now, this has not been an issue in England or Wales.

But a court has ruled the notice he has served on his tenants under Section 8 invalid, on the basis it is the company, not the individual that holds the licence.

The decision could have major financial implications for landlords across the board, and the RLA is supporting Mr Jarvis in his appeal, but needs public support to do so. 

The RLA hopes that its CrowdJustice campaign will help cover the legal costs for the challenge, and set a precedent that will benefit all landlords.

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  • G romit

    This ptoves that the Establishment is anti-Landlord

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    At the time of reading this, 100% of 778 readers back this move, but how many will contribute to the crowd funding appeal?

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    We have, £100

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    • 28 October 2019 19:05 PM

    All it needs is for each LL to pay £1 per month.
    That would be about 2.5 million pounds per month as there reckoned to be 2.5 million LL.
    That would be £30 million per year.
    More than enough to assist every LL with evictions with no loss to them.
    Look upon the £1 pm as a very cheap RGI policy.
    Doing this would put the power back with LL who would never again be fearful of being ripped off as they would always receive compensation from the LL fighting fund.
    The power of £1 shouldn't be underestimated

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    Apathy, lack of knowledge and disjointed voice are the biggest weakeneses In our industry .

    • 28 October 2019 19:54 PM

    For some reason LL do not in the main wish to have anything to do with eachother.
    They remain fiercely independent even to the point of their own detriment when potentially by banding together they can mitigate attacks on their business.
    It is a major failing of the PRS and allows Govt to walk all over LL.
    I honestly believe that the new NRLA should give Associate membership to any LL paying them £1 pm.
    After 6 months the new NRLA should start paying for LL to evict etc.

    The NRLA needs to be the LL champion.
    I would gladly pay £1 pm to the new NRLA if I knew I could call on legal assistance for free
    All tenants would be running scared as no longer would their LL be running scared.
    LL at last would be in charge backed by the financial muscle of the NRLA funded
    by £1 pm from all LL.
    I'd give it say 6 months before sufficient £1 have been received and then open for business for free eviction processes for LL.
    Govt would absolutely hate this to occur as it would prevent £9 billion of losses per year.
    It would cost Govt billions of pounds in TA costs as LL could for FREE boot out dodgy tenants!

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    It would be worth it if we all paid £5 a month.
    I would certainly be agreeable to that.
    This crowdfunding campaign is to support only an individual landlord, (worthy as it is) as we all have experienced this at sometime in our lives, then your proposition is indeed worth considering.

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    • 29 October 2019 09:02 AM

    £5 pm would be too much!
    I wouldn't sign up for that!
    The £1 pm is an eye catching figure than even the most hard-nosed LL wouldn't object to paying.
    Even if I believed I would never need the services of a new NRLA...................you just never know.
    I would also allow the funds to be used for any relevant campaigns etc.
    It wouldn't take long for a massive fund to build up.
    I would almost regard the £1 pm as a sort of charity giving...................to my charity!!
    I believe it should be used to offer FREE RGI on every tenant with the promise that every rent defaulting tenant would receive a CCJ the record of which would be guaranteed to be applied to credit files of the miscreant tenant.
    I believe it would change deviant tenant behaviour forever.
    I believe the £1 pm figure would raise the profile of the NRLA just from the point of publicity.
    The NRLA needs the proverbial bums on seats.
    A £1pm membership would achieve this.
    Using the £1 pm concept would enable the NRLA to offer an all encompassing holistic LL service with the main one being free RGI on any tenant.
    I believe such free RGI would work out cost neutral as CCJ or the threat of them will result in tenants paying their rent arrears even after eviction.
    The NRLA would hound these serial rent defaulters until rent arrears etc are paid.
    £5 pm is however too much!
    £1 per month per LL every LL would sign up to the New NRLA.

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    Paul stop it 🛑 if you wouldn’t pay a fiver a month I don’t know what to say to you, The stakes are too high & if we had coughed up & crowd funded a few years ago we might have prevented those laws. Supposing there are 2 million LL’s and £5 each would be serious money / £10m pm x 12 / £120m pa , that would dwarf all LL’s organisations & Shelters income put together a very small investment for us to be treated properly.

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    I too would be happy to pay a fiver a month, even a tener, lets face it it's really no money to get one back at the government, shelter and generation rent.

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    • 29 October 2019 09:50 AM

    Nope I get what you are saying but LL will NOT pay £5pm but they will £1
    Go for the low hanging fruit.
    Get the bum on the seat.........................all 2.5 million of them.
    Like you I have been motivated to contribute to things like the S24 JR.
    Fat lot of good that did!!
    My £1 pm strategy is a way of getting complacent LL to join in.
    £1 pm weakens LL resistance and most would willingly pay this.
    Then you have them
    A massively useful database.
    Going to Govt saying we represent 2.5 million LL changes the whole LL/Govt dynamics.
    I'd rather spend £5 pm on lottery ticket lines but have no problems with £1pm to the NRLA.
    At £1 pm the NRLA could even get into building charity rental housing like Peabody etc.
    That would shut Shelter up!
    The LL £ could be a mighty thing indeed if every LL contributed just one of those £ pm.

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    Can't see what's wrong with a fiver pm. I would just up the rent by a fiver on my best property. I like the idea of the tenant(s) paying for my membership/insurance fighting sleeze bag tenants. One other thing, at a fiver pm there could be money available to repair properties trashed by low life tenants. Win, win in my book.

    • 29 October 2019 19:10 PM

    Of course your logic is entirely correct.
    But you are a motivated LL and are able to see the immediate benefits to your business as indeed I can.
    But as the current membership of the soon to be NRLA is only 80000.That means there are about 2.4 million LL that aren't members.
    How to attract those into the tent.
    £5 pm will be too much for those LL despite all the supposed benefits that would be available.
    Remember these 2.4 million LL are like cats.
    They REFUSE to be herded!!
    My suggested £1 pm strategy would I believe encourage most of those cat LL into subscribing their £1 pm.
    I'd even give a discount of £2 for those wishing to pay upfront for a year!!

    The £1 message is I believe the only way to get all LL into a representative organisation which will from a selfish perspective definitely benefit them and most certainly other LL.

    The £1 limit is not a psychological barrier whereas £5 is.
    The big prize is to get LL out of their complacency.
    £5 pm WON'T do it..........£1 will!!
    Once these complacent LL have been enticed out of their subterranean complacency burrows then things in the PRS might change for the better.

    There is no need for us to preach to the converted.
    It is the unconverted who need to be CONVERTED!
    SO let us get these LL to raise their heads above the parapet.
    £1 pm could do it.
    Worth a try.

  • icon

    I under stand all that but I am a member of 2 LL organisations for at least 10 years (formerly 3) that's £160.00 pa. I never had any benefit whatsoever not even able to get logged to the website that's how successful it's been for me, in fact I am still buying the Tenancy Agreements from another Company that I always did costing plenty even though there's are free. Everything has to be on line & nothing else, just the way the Revenue are going as well, so its nothing to do with Housing, good or bad or anything else, just Graduates from University making obstacles, creating fat jobs for themselves and penalties for private LL. It' also cost me hundreds of pounds doing Courses to try to be Compliant or learn bullsugar that's no use to me. To build a House is no obstacle to me and I did build several even as far back as 1972 at that time single handed. I now have to listen to all those digital academics to tell me how to do it, they are 40 years too late. please don't quibble about £5, licensing alone has cost me tens of thousands making the housing situation worse and damaging my property. I always had better properties before the Prescott Act and no sub-letting or over crowding.

    • 30 October 2019 08:13 AM

    Listen I fully get where you are coming from.
    Your experiences and sentiments are to be commended and I agreed with them.
    But like it or not the complacent LL won't spend £5 pm but they might £1!!
    Surely it is worthwhile having a crack at getting these complacent LL to join the new NRLA.
    Somehow the interest of the complacent LL needs piquing!!
    A £1 NRLA subscription could do it!
    I just want all those complacent LL to stop being so.
    The £1 strategy is just a marketing ploy to attract the complacent LL attention.
    Like you I have been a member of the NLA but HAVEN'T been for years.

    BUT I would sign up to the £1 sub immediately!!!
    I have no idea what that tells you about me.
    But there must be many LL that would do the same as me if they were made aware of the facility.
    I believe it would be a brilliant marketing strategy for the new NRLA

    Calling all LL
    Become a NRLA member for £1 pm!
    I doubt many LL would result that siren call and would cough up their £1!!!
    Can you imagine the gravitas that the new NRLA would occasion with literally millions of new LL members.

    Think of Labour when they achieved a massive new membership for £3
    Labour now has a membership of about 600000 all on £3 subs.
    I take this as proof of the efficacy of making membership cheap.
    I consider any means necessary to attract the complacent LL to join the new NRLA is essential or watch the PRS being ground into the dust!


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