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Deposit Disputes - guess the number one cause of disagreement...

There’s been a modest increase in deposit protections across England and Wales in the past year.

Data from the Tenancy Deposit Service shows a rise from 3.9m deposits to over 4.1m in 2019-20.

Despite the rise, there has been a small decrease in disputes handled by TDS in the year down to 34,993 in 2019-20 compared to 35,513 in the previous year. 


The rate of disputes compared to deposits protected is well below one per cent.

The TDS annual report also reveals which party raises the most disputes and the reasons why disputes are raised across England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. 

Cleaning is again the most common reason for disputes - TDS says this is largely due to the subjectivity of the matter - closely followed by damage and redecoration claims.



Statistics also show that the number of households living in the private rented sector continues to increase across England and Wales, with small drops recorded in Scotland and Northern Ireland in 2018. 

In England the size of the private rented sector is significantly greater than that of the social housing sector.

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    Correct, tenant wants clean flat when move in when they move out they don’t think it should be left cleaned. After many years Of self managing a small portfolio of 2 bed properties, I found that tenants think cleaning= clearing!( removing possessions) . I now tell them At least twice before check out if it’s not cleaned or if they don’t have time etc they can opt to pay for the cleaner and also make it clear the cost of a oven clean. The oven is usually worst of course! Rarely do I have to make deductions from deposits.

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    I also spell out the cost of oven cleaning (£50-£75) and other cleaning £20-25 per hour. That certainly helps some tenants focus on leaving the property clean! I also advise them which products work best - some people really don't seem to know anything about cleaning at all!

    The place I always find missed is the tops of kitchen cupboards - usually thick with grease & dust. I put newspaper on top now then it just gets thrown away :)

    Andrew Murray

    A Howdens single oven is less than £100 so I replace them after four years. Good idea about the kitchen tops.

  • Matthew Payne

    Thats why a prof clean is always advised. Invoice to prove it was done at the start and invoice at the end. Removes subjectivity out of the equation. TDS will always give benefit of the doubt to tenants on contested domestic cleans.

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    I think forget about £100.00 for an oven the Council required me to put in double range oven cookers for 6 persons in 2 properties with 7 unit hob that's £1'000.00 ten times more, some replaced 2 times already + the hood extractor 1m wide is £400.00 on its own and your are going to need help with this one /try catching that and walking away with it, in any case the cheapest oven is more than £100.00 which is the conventional oven with no fan pretty useless, you need a fan oven at least to spread the heat or you won't bake a cake even Curry's min £170. with fan cheapest but can be a problem to fit if you have gas hob with supply getting in the way, the more expensive one give you more options.


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