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Abandoned! Landlords angry at being forgotten by government

Landlords are feeling abandoned by the government during the pandemic according to a new survey. 

Some 64 per cent say they haven’t received any financial support during the crisis and 52 per cent believe they should receive some financial support in future.

The panel of landlords, surveyed by OnePoll for The Mortgage Lender, favours the reintroduction of tax relief on mortgage interest payments for a limited period (63 per cent) and automatic deferral of tax bills for 12 months (52 per cent) as a way to support the sector as it recovers from the financial hit of Covid-19.


Overall 64 per cent of landlords reported they had received no financial assistance during the pandemic, 20 per cent of landlords had received a bounce-back loan, 24 per cent had taken a payment deferral as a precaution and 11 per cent had taken a payment deferral out of necessity.

Of the landlords who had received financial assistance 44 per cent reported that it had already impacted on their ability to obtain further mortgage funding while 31 per cent expected it to impact them negatively in the future. 

Only eight per cent of investors felt the assistance they had received would have no impact on their future plans.




The Mortgage Lender sales director Steve Griffiths says: “When the government was putting together its package of financial assistance for homeowners and tenants, buy to let landlords weren’t a consideration.

“Some have benefitted from a bounce-back loan and some have taken advantage of payment deferral on their mortgages but the additional tenant protection included in the Coronavirus Act 2020 has led to landlords feeling that they have been overlooked.

“The government was also unequivocal that payment deferrals wouldn’t impact on an individuals’ credit file, however a large number of those BTL landlords who have received financial support in the form of a payment deferral are reporting that it is already impacting their ability to obtain mortgage funding.”

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  • Ruan Gildchirst

    Renters are being forgot by government, small businesses owners are being forgotten by government

    People losing their jobs are being forgotten

    It’s a hard time for everyone


    Renters pretty much can't be evicted, small businesses can claim grants and individuals have been furloughed - not everyone has been helped but many have.

    It is a hard time for everyone but your statements are not really accurate.


    It's tenants that need the support to ensure their rent is paid, that way they won't be evicted in 6 months time, but of course any financial support they do receive for rent must be paid direct to their landlord because there are always those tenants that will use the money for things other than rent


    Ruan is still liking his own posts - but surprised he's got a second like this time - possibly not realising the anti-landlord sentiment implied but not overtly expressed this time?

    Tenants have protection as do people losing their jobs or getting 9 months paid leave at 80% of their normal pay - plus their usual holiday entitlements!

    Landlords get nothing from the Government but only want their tenancy agreements honoured and rents paid - without the Government conspiring to defraud them of this - nothing more.

  • icon

    Yes hard times for some indeed not everyone, we can hardly expect Government to help Private LL's while doing everything possible to destroy us, that would be a conflict of interest, we are virtually Nationalized having being ordered / forced to house people regardless of whether payment is received or not but keep our heads well below the parapet of get a big fine for good measure. While I have the greatest sympathy for Tenants who are struggling and I do everything possible to help them as a human being but Gov' makes it a LL's guarantee. The best way to help Private Rented Sector is to scrap the encumbrances.

  • icon

    I wonder how many Landlords have landlords' insurance policies which covers non-payment of rent. I suspect it's those landlords who did not take this out who are now complaining If they did not take out this insurance, why should they expect the government to step in with bundles of cash at this very difficult time? It's what insurance is for........those unexpected and unwelcome situations.


    Landlord insurance to cover non payment of rent, very few tenants would qualify for this cover, insurance companies aren't silly there is only so much risk that they will cover.


    David W

    Where have you heard landlords asking the Government for bundles of cash on this site?

    We're only asking the Government to help out our tenants who can no longer afford their rent but refuse to mitigate their own situation by moving elsewhere cheaper or with relatives or friends - but you would probably want them to continue to accrue unaffordable debts and be able to spend that help any way they wanted and not ensure it went to pay their rental obligations.


    Perhaps tenants having/paying for their own insurance should become part of legislation. If they miss rent, for whatever reason, and the insurance company increases the tenants premium, then it’s on them and nought to do with the LL. it would also sharpen tenants focus for the future.

  • icon

    Nice idea Luke but there would be a vast number of tenants that insurance companies wouldn't touch with a barge pole.



    That would make choosing tenants easier. No insurance, No tenancy?

  • icon

    Perhaps if landlords had an association that actually lobbied on their behalf instead of rolling over every time we wouldn't be in the position we are in now.
    NRLA simply has no voice as far as this Government are concerned. Time for a robust organisation with some fire in its belly.
    NRLA needs a new Chair, Board and CEO.


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