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Landlord denied licences despite past conviction being ‘spent’

A London council has confirmed its right to refuse licenses to criminal landlords - even reformed ones.

A story in the East London Guardian says Nasim Hussain and her daughter Farina took the Waltham Forest council to court after the family’s licences for 29 rented properties were revoked and seven applications for new licences refused.

The two women argued the council was wrong to deny them licences because convictions against Nasim Hussain and her husband back in 2016 were “spent” - that is, a rehabilitation period had expired without the individuals committing further crimes.


The newspaper says that in May 2016, Nasim Hussain lied in her licence application for four homes, claiming they did not need gas safety certificates because they had no gas appliances. “She had told the same lie about 21 homes the previous year and got certificates for the properties only when forced to by the council” adds the Guardian.

Her husband later pleaded guilty to forgery and was fined £1,000 while Mrs Hussain was fined £40,000 after pleading guilty to “knowingly or recklessly supplying false information”.

Following the recent Court of Appeal decision, a council spokeswoman says: “It is important that tenants who rent in the private sector can rely on their landlord to manage in a responsible way and to provide safe and secure accommodation.


“Where a landlord flouts their legal obligations and cut corners to expose tenants to unnecessary risks, it is only right that we can take this into account when deciding whether that landlord ought to be involved in the day to day letting and management of rented homes”

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    Leopards don't change their spots. I certainly wouldn't want to rent from an ex con.

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    • 08 December 2020 14:44 PM

    I fully agree.


    'Leopards don't change their spots' ? There are numerous examples of people who having done wrong have been successfully rehabilitated into society. The company Timpson actually goes out of its way to seek ex-prisoners - it has done so for years without problem. We humans are fallible. Are you saying that no-one should be given a second chance to prove themselves, having served their sentence? Some leopards do change their spots, thank goodness.


    David W I disagree, once a wrong'n always a wrong'n, too many gullible do gooders out there.


    Plenty of decent law abiding landlords about. Why risk getting tied in with an ex con?

    Would your contents insurance be valid of your ex con landlord used his own key to clear them out, or your car insurance pay out if he picked up your car keys on an inspection visit and nicked it?

    I wouldn't want to get involved with ex cons - either landlord or tenant.

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    tony blair and several mps and many police have criminal convictions


    Mr Blair is a war criminal with the blood of thousands on his hands

    • 08 December 2020 15:13 PM

    Makes sense. Send them to gaol then!


    Take care, Andrew. 'Mr Blair is a war criminal' sounds potentially libellous to me. Whether you like Tony Blair or not. People are held to account for what they write in social media. You need to be really firm in the legal definition of 'war criminal' and sure that TB fits this definition before you tap it out on your computer for all to see.


    How about Tony Blair should be arrested on crimes of being a war criminal.
    I think maybe LL’s should be getting a CRB check get rid of the dishonest ones to start with

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    google charles lynton--2 convictions for indecency in public place

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    When a LL has been convicted and paid the penalty he should be allowed to continue without it been held against him and a clean slate. I think Timpson are astute business people as many of those guys knows all about keys & locks.

  • Sarah Taylor

    So many perfect people out there. Who knew!! I'm assuming you're all perfect people seeing as you're so highly qualified to take the moral highground! So they lied about not having a gas certificate, were caught and dealt with via the appropriate channels but...how does this lead to the assertion that they are car theives and domestic burglars. Everyone deserves a second chance in my world.


    Are you seriously for real? Having a CP12 has been mandatory for years. Any LL worth his salt knows you need this. If a tenant died because of a house fire and there was no CP12 you’d be the first to point it out. These people are just showing contempt for the law. They really think it doesn’t apply to them


    In your world Sarah maybe, not in mine though.

    • 09 December 2020 16:06 PM

    Not in my world.......One misdemeaner and you are OUT!!!!!!
    Especially tenants....

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    As Sarah rightly says, 'So many perfect people out there'. Sarah is indeed for real, Jahan.

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    They lied about having gas certs for 25 tenanted houses. They lied initially and lied again. Must be noted you are consistent in being on the wrong side of the argument over and over again.

    I put it to you that are not a ‘portfolio landlord’ & are just attempting here to troll and wind up hard working responsible LL’s. As your teacher would have said to you ‘must try harder’

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    • 09 December 2020 15:54 PM

    Somebody lied?

    Never. I can't belive that......

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    If people were thrown out for lying then 99% of central government offices would be empty
    and 101% of council offices


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