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Landlords win thousands in compensation from council

Landlords of a property in Peterborough have been compensated £6,000 by the local council.

The payment follows a delay in agreeing a lease on the property which was to be used the council for temporary accommodation.

The money has been agreed after an investigation was carried out by the authority following a complaint received by the landlords of a property in Hinchcliffe, Orton Goldhay.


The local press in the city reports a council statement saying: “Evidence was issued by the landlords of the property following additional exchanges in relation to committing to the property which has impacted both the landlord and his wife.”

The £6,000 compensation equals seven months of rent.

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  • George Dawes

    Councils = another layer of pointless red tape filled with idiots who wouldn't last 5 minutes in the real world


    Totally agree. Some officials should be fired but it won't happen.

  • icon

    Councils protect vulnerable children, enforce standards with rogue landlords, check hygiene standards in restaurants and food outlets, provide social housing to those in need, run schools, libraries, leisure facilities, provide refuse and recycling facilities, repair local roads and street lighting, etc. etc. etc. So I'm not 100% sure about George's description "Councils = another layer of pointless red tape filled with idiots .....". OK certain things could sometimes be done better, but let's moderate our language, cut out the insults, and instead give specific examples of possible suggestions for improvement and how to enable these. Just don't trash councils as a whole, please.


    If only they did these things properly!

    I have no experience with how well they do many of these services but I do know that they miss the target in most cases connected with the PRS, or more accurately aim at the wrong targets and miss the vast majority of rogue landlords whilst loading costs on to decent landlords and thus on decent tenants.

    During the first lockdown their first reaction was to close everything down and hole up at home on full pay. Only public opinion eventually forced them to open schools, dumps and other facilities in as limited a manner as they could get away with.

    English Landlord

    The Councils are responsible for a lot and often do it good but they also can make mistakes and in my experience they are quick to act when it suits them. They should do some more detective work first before pursuing Landlords for unpaid Council Tax. Often they will find that they received a letter to them explaining the situation but someone at the Council has misplaced it and now it looks like the Lettings Agent or the Landlord is at fault. The Council then decides to overreact and take the Landlord to Court when they should do their home work first before it reaches that stage or making an accusation. (Hull City Council)


    dw--they are supposed to

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Sure not all Councils or Everything they do is ' cack-handed ' but ;
    Up and down the Country there are examples of Fraud and corruption in a number of Councils.
    I could list them but not inclined to waste my time.
    Just look at Liverpool as one recent example, or Croydon, etc etc

    As for layers of bureaucracy, consider Landlord Licensing as a prime example, 99% of Landlords paying to administer a scheme aimed at the 1% who don't register.


    until councils have to compete--they will be useless

    also compensation should be paid by council staff--not by private tax payers

  • icon

    Nottingham City Council have just lost millions of pounds on an energy scheme and are about to go bust - I know they have a difficult job and a limited budget but as a business most Councils would not survive in the real world.

    • 24 December 2020 10:53 AM

    Then the people who set that up should be made to pay for the loss, or at least lose their jobs.

    In business, non performance always suffers from firing. Get it right or lose your job. But NEVER so with Governments or Councils.


    Norwich City Council have also lost millions on mad cap schemes, but those responcible are still in their £100k + jobs, left wing council ofcourse, sorry David W but that is a fact.


    croydon bankrupt due to cronyism?

  • icon

    Council don't loose anything its the tax payer, it should come from that Council members money including costs & victim support that's responsible for the problem, like LL's have to pay, the tax payer don't cover our fines & costs, (no wonder they are all acting the jack no come back on them).

  • Mick Roberts

    What I see in Councils since Selective Licensing with Nottingham Council, is they bring new people in who haven't got a clue about renting houses & try to enforce things as the tenants were all perfect human beings in a new build house. And the Landlord should be young & eager & go on every course possible.
    And it's Landlords fault if tenant don't cut her lawn.

    We still waiting in Nottingham now for an answer off the Council:
    Where is their Mental Health policy for Landlords?
    They've made a lot of us ill with their impossible demands in a short space of time. I had to upload my passport 36 times for 36 houses. Why? Why can't they get my details then job done?

    And Possession Friend says it perfectly:
    Landlord Licensing as a prime example, 99% of Landlords paying to administer a scheme aimed at the 1% who don't register.


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