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Landlords need support too during coronavirus crisis, says Tory politician

Renters across Wales received greater protection this week after the Welsh government extended the six month notice for evictions, which was due to expire at the end of September, until at least 31 March 2021.

The move was designed to ensure that renters continue to have certainty and security during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Before lockdown, the minimum period was two months, which was initially extended to three months before being changed to six months in July.


But while attempts to support tenants has been welcomed by Welsh Conservative housing spokesman Mark Isherwood, he has also acknowledged the need to also protect landlords. 


Mark Isherwood asked housing minister Julie James at the Senedd this week if she recognised the need to protect “both tenants and landlords”. 

Isherwood cited the case of a landlord whose tenants were four months in arrears, leaving him with no income.

James responded by stating: “The thing about private sector landlords is of course it's an income for them, but the house is somebody’s home.

“It's where they say ‘I'm going home’, and they mean that person's business proposition, but for them it’s a home, and that’s the most important thing.” 

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    Homes need paid for - whether buying or renting. Paying for a home should be top priority and both purchased and rented homes should be within the means of the occupiers. If means change, then inevitably homes must change to match such changes in affordability. No one else, - banks, building societies, housing associations or private landlords - should be asked to subsidise anyone defaulting on a mortgage or rental agreement.

    However loans should be made available to cover arrears already built up but can't cover shortfalls indefinitely and if the longer term prospects are still bleak then occupiers must accept they'll need to move out and should do so promptly before their unpaid debts escalate totally out of control.

  • Amanda Burrow

    This the government paying us landlords for housing these teannts that refuse to pay me rent ? I have 3 properties eho have just stopped ! Crazy system il be owed almost 2 years rent by one ! Carat times and rules ! UC credit are a total joke and should be exposed for there failure in there systems

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Private Landlords need to stop subsidising Local Governments Housing problems and justifiably rent to applicant tenants with suitable financial means, guarantor and background history. That's entirely legal ( albeit eliminating 99.something % of tenants in receipt of benefit. )

    Let Local Authorities solve their own problem and not at the expense of private landlords. Perhaps then Assembly members like Ms James will ' get the message ' ?

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    18 September 2020 09:27 AM.
    No support for the landlord who is reliant on rental income to pay his own mortgage then, typical.
    Who on earth would want to be a landlord in loopy England and Wales?
    I can see a lot of Landlords going bankrupt over this if the non payers continue to refuse paying for their living expenses. Even when landlords can bring a case to the courts it will be at least another 6 months possibly a year before the free loading tenant is forced to leave. Matt Allright on the telly was complaining at all the properties in the U.K. being left to rot when they could be turned into valuable housing to house the homeless. Well you ain’t seen nothing yet Matt, I foresee many landlords walking away from the rental market and if they can’t sell the property they will just ‘walk away and let it fall into disrepair’. Seemingly the government is content to support the non paying, free loading, shameful sections of our society, leaving entrepreneurial landlords of pick up the tab. Shameful, bloody shameful.


    This has become a total joke and its hard to believe the government is getting away with stitching landlords up so badly and giving the sector absolutely no support.
    It's gone way too far now LLs need to get together to stop the rot before it becomes overwhelming.

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    Its not a joke its a concerted attack upon landlords and have been going on for many months this government is anti landlords. they are a disgrace and are abusing our human rights...we cannot kick someone out of our property even if they dont pay us...its tantamount to legal theft...its ridiculous and illegal, we should test this through the courts...


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