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Landlord's bill for thousands after dumping rubbish when tenant quits

A landlord who fly-tipped the contents of a flat so another tenant could move in has been ordered to pay thousands of pounds by magistrates

Navdeep Sira, from Slough, hired a van and an employee to help with the flat clearance.

Whilst he took some of the rubbish to a waste and recycling centre and paid to dispose of some of it, he took the rest to a communal bin area and fly-tipped dozens of full black bin bags.


A resident discovered the multiple bags and it was reported to the council’s neighbourhood and enforcement team.

Nearby CCTV caught the van Sira had hired and the man he employed for the day unloading the bags and leaving them next to the bins intended for resident use. The van hire was then traced back to Sira.

The landlord admitted two offences - committed back in May 2019 - under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 that he knowingly allowed the deposit of controlled waste on land that did not have a permit, and being in charge of a motor vehicle whilst controlled waste was deposited from it.

Justices of the Peace sitting at Reading Magistrates’ Court this month were told that Sira is part owner of Letee Ltd which lets out properties and clears up after a tenant leaves to make it ready for the new tenant.

He was requested to clear out the property by the co-owner and rented a van in his name with his own credit card which is registered to his home address.

Sira had also employed a man on a cash-in-hand basis to help with the job. After clearing the property and paying £27 for some to be legally disposed of, there was still half the rubbish left. He then drove to a communal bin area and the rest was dumped.



The court was told although he did not get out of the vehicle or move any of the bags, he took full responsibility for instructing his employee. It was added he had learnt a valuable lesson and the situation would never happen again.

Magistrates fined Sira £3,500 and ordered him to pay the council’s full costs of £1,903.80 and a victim surcharge of £170.

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    There are ways to dispose of rubbish without fly tipping .

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    Thats no problem if a councillor would have to pay the same amount under the same circumstances but we all know the answer to that don't we
    So the landlord put the contents of a flat normal household waste in a van and it miraculously became controlled waste , but of course if a tenant had put the same waste in the van it would be household waste yet more blatant discrimination
    I paid for a couple of skips and before I had even quarter filled them local residents filled them to the brim with wood rubble broken glass various chemical containers paint car parts damaged garden furniture garden waste and a fridge plus food waste and letters I was able to identify some of the fly tippers from the addresses on letters I visited the culprits and told them to remove their rubbish from the skip I had paid for and pay for their own skip , i reported this to the council providing evidence and photographs of the skips and the rubbish they had fly tipped into the skip and my path and the pavement as well , as soon as they learned I was a landlord they threatened to prosecute me if I didn't immediately clear up the waste the residents had dumped on the road and pavement even though some of it had the culprits names and addresses on letters and packaging but asked why they had no intention of prosecuting the fly tippers they said as I was a landlord and it had been tipped outside my property it was my responsibility

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    No not allowed to use Waste / Recycle centre in Brent anymore, I only got in once this year turned away like dozens of others its reserved for Digital Academics to book on line or excluded that’s a good chunk of the Residence excluded. The girl that went through the gown hat & roll of paper process is there as an extra tax payers expense with her lap top to stop you, it doesn’t matter that I pay £2500. pa c/tax.

  • John  Adams

    Fly-tipping is unforgivable, however the current systems of Council Tips having restricted hours because of Covid (Who knew Covid was the only highly infectious disease one could catch at a rubbish tip?) and the increasingly complicated and ridiculous domestic recycling schemes that are turning gardens into Bin parks are not helping. Common sense needs to be applied to the refuse and recycling system, otherwise, the country is going to disappear under one big rat-infested fly-tip.


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