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Council wants volunteer landlords to house Afghan refugee families

A council is asking private landlords to help house Afghan refugees.

People who have worked for the UK government and British military in Afghanistan and their families are being urgently relocated to UK due to the risk to their lives following the troop withdrawal from the country.

Wrexham council has agreed to support this programme and will be resettling up to 10 families in its area.


Families will be supported with accommodation in the private rented sector when they arrive, with support from the Red Cross and others. 

A statement from Wrexham council says: “We are now looking for family accommodation in the private housing sector for these families.

“Due to the urgent nature of the resettlement we are taking the unusual step of appealing directly to any landlords with properties that they feel may be suitable for a resettled family to please contact locallettings@wrexham.gov.uk as soon as possible to discuss further.”

Councillor Hugh Jones, for the authority, says: “The proposal to take part in the Afghan Relocation Scheme received unanimous support from members and we know that Wrexham will welcome families who have done so much to support our troops and the British government whilst they were on active duty overseas. If you have a suitable property please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

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    What has it got to do with the red cross ? How do we know they are not Terrorists ? If they are interpreters surely they can speak english and find a job?


    The Afghan interpreters worked for the British Army in theatre and when we left we reneged on the deal that they would be looked after. They and their families lives were at risk as they were seen by some elements as collaborators. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to these people and need to fulfil our promise to help them now we are no longer involved militarily in Afghanistan. Edwin's comments and his 'likes' verge on racism. I am sure these resourceful people will find jobs and be an asset to our country but maybe they just need a helping hand to get them started. I would not hesitate in becoming involved in this program if I had a suitable property.

    These people are only refugees from their own country because of the service they did ours.



    I fully back your comments.

    I also am of the opinion that the interpreters knew the risk they were taking when working for us. They were rewarded highly as their wages were often 4x an Afghan police Officer, (that's Officer and not lower ranks)

    Those Afghan Police are in just as much danger and they have not been so rewarded so well. They equally worked with us for the security of their nation.

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    Typical lazy council...

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Can see the queue snaking around inside the telephone box ;-)

  • Franklin I

    After applying all these charges on LL's in the past 3 to 5 years, from stamp duty increase, tax relief, Landlord's Licensing, Tenant's Fee Act, you name it, we've had it and now they want our help.

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    Don’t worry its going to get worse. Councils have more changes and many Borough wide licensing schemes coming. I have read many times they are clapping themselves on the back about the huge success it’s been, its only been a huge success for them that have taken millions of £’s out of each Borough from the Private Rented Sector with no input or costing them a brass fathering
    so that’s easy rob it to improve, can’t expect any better from York the Centre of housing Policy looks like the idea of a couple of girls there. I didn’t mention all the other costs they have put on us obviously you all know.

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    Sorry I must give Council’s some credit it has to be very onerous for them to sit there for a few hours looking at Screens now that’s tiring they must be exhausted can they not get an easier job.


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