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Renter Power! UK's first-ever Minister for Tenants' Rights appointed

The prospect of increased renters’ power has already been seen north of the border with the pledge to introduce rent controls - now the Scottish Government has appointed the UK’s first ever Minister for Tenants’ Rights.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has revealed that one of the two Green Party members of the Scottish Parliament appointed to her government will take the new role. 

It’s Patrick Harvie, whose formal position will be known as Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights. 


A statement from the SNP-led government says Harvie’s responsibilities will include driving policy changes that shift Scotland away from reliance on high carbon modes of transport and heating, and “delivering a new deal for tenants, and ensuring building standards are fit for purpose.”

Nicola Sturgeon says: “This historic cooperation agreement is founded in a shared drive to work together in the Scottish Government to build a greener, fairer, independent Scotland.

“We have massive challenges to overcome: a global pandemic and its lasting effects, the climate emergency and the assault by the UK government on the powers of our Parliament.” 

Harvie himself says: “We are at a crucial tipping point in terms of our relationship with the planet. I am thrilled at the opportunity to drive forward policies that enhance peoples’ lives while supporting the urgent goal of tackling the climate emergency as we emerge from the pandemic.”

Harvie’s ascent to power follows the deal between the Scottish National Party and the Green Party to ensure a majority government north of the border.

They say that rent controls - possibly adopting a Green Party policy that rents do not exceed 25 per cent of household income - will be introduced later in this parliament.

A document outlining issues with the support of both parties, published last week, says an objective of the new Scottish Government will be to “implement an effective national system of rent controls, enhance tenants’ rights” as well as delivering 110,000 affordable homes by 2032.” 

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  • George Dawes

    Pretty obvious that ghastly woman is a globalist puppet , seems she’s trying to turn Scotland into a communist state .We really need a new brave heart


    100% right George. Not sure where your based but Scotland is not a nice place to live at the moment.

    Once I was proud to say I was Scottish … but sadly no longer!


    Looks as if my reference to the new green minister's vertical challenge has been deleted!

    Just learned of the SNP's latest lunacy. The 2022 Scottish census will allow people to lie about their gender if they so choose to "self identify". Not surprised since facts aren't usually helpful to the aims and objectives of the SNP and their little green helpers.

  • Robert Nottingham

    Another waste of rations….

  • icon

    When they announce these policies do they actually think things through ? From the information in the above report it appears Landlords will have to seek Possession of any properties currently let to single parents, and probably any one on less than £2000 per month. Before the regulation comes in to force. And either sell up , or find tenants on better incomes. Other wise they may be faced substantial losses. And who is going to house Low income tenants.

    Have they got enough Council houses to house them.


    I already have a policy of not renting to single mums and the agents I use always do an affordability check, low paid and benefit claimants should look to councils and housing assocs to home them, that's what they are there for.

  • icon

    If you want to call time by your own watch, buy a pub.
    If you want to set the rent for a house, buy it first

  • icon

    Communism is taking over.

  • Theodor Cable

    No it is not taking over. Is already here!!!!!!

  • icon

    I suppose the Government wants us out of the Business we created starting from nothing starting in the 70’s its as simple as that, where were your Companies.
    Otherwise why Section 24 if you are big enough to incorporate you can claim the interest on the business loan but not individual LL’s pay tax on your money that you already paid to the Bank, for them now to become LL’s and take it all away from you, just add corrupt legal System where Councils are abusing their position and punishing LL’s, imagine a Brent Councillor so delighted when
    LL got fined for Tenants ASB no fine for Tenants but she offered her support and advise to them
    how to stop LL from evicting them, she said let it send a strong message to LL’s they won’t hesitate to take action against them, of course she’s just confirming we are not equal before the Law and going to be stitched up anyway she calls it working with LL’s.


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