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Councils failing to enforce regulations on rogue landlords

A Freedom of Information request by a newspaper has unveiled the almost complete lack of activity by local councils when it comes to the government’s so-called rogue landlords banned list.

Just 56 property agents and landlords have been entered on to the list since the list came into effect in April 2018, which suggests either a substantial lack of enforcement by councils, or a surprisingly low number of rogue landlords. 

Figures from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, given to the Metro newspaper, show that an average of just 25 entries a year have been recorded and just 23 local authorities out of 333 have submitted entries to register rogue landlords and property agents.


The most active local authorities are Camden with five, Liverpool with four, and then both Salford and Telford & Wrekin in Shropshire with three each. 

Before the pandemic struck, ministers were consulting on whether to extend the register’s scope to include landlords charging tenants unfair fees, those who failed to sign up to a redress scheme and landlords who failed to deal with pest infestations - that consultation closed in October 2019 but to date no response has been published by government.

In response to the figures Polly Neate - chief executive of campaigning charity Shelter - tweeted: “It’s far too easy for landlords to get away with renting out homes that aren’t fit to live in, because right now they have all the power. That’s why government’s Renters Reform Bill is so important  and must not be a casualty of recent political upheaval.”

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    From where does Neate get the idea that Landlords have all the power?

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    ‘Landlords have all the power’?! Well, give her her due, she’s obviously never been one!

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    In Reality the Renters Reform Bill will cause a Shortage of Private Rentals, and an Increase in Rents, for Tenants lucky to still have a property. Maybe Polly Can house actually house some of these with the millions she receives from the Government.

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    Good old Shelter the charity (business) that houses no one.


    Shelter, the charity that creates homelessness by leading landlords to sell up.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Perhaps the figures are low, .... because there Are NOT that many 'Rogue Landlords and Certainly nowhere near as many as Rogue Tenants. !


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