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Landmark joint session between NRLA and homelessness charity

The National Residential Landlords Association will jointly host a networking and information session with homelessness charity Crisis.

It will take place on March 5 at 5.30pm at the Crisis Skylight Building in Swansea. 

The association is inviting landlords active in the private rented sector in Neath, Port Talbot and Swansea to register their interest in attending here.   


A NRLA statement says: “We invite all landlords to come along to talk about the ways the private rented sector can continue to play its role as an essential provider of homes across Wales.”

Steven Bletsoe, Operations Manager in Wales at the NRLA, comments: “This landmark event brings together some of Wales’ leading landlord and homelessness advocates to discuss practical ways we can all work together to build a better PRS for all. 

“It is a fantastic opportunity for landlords and housing professionals to come together constructively to tackle the challenges facing the Welsh PRS. 

“We believe that this event will help build stronger connections between landlords and organisations that seek to create a healthy and sustainable private rental sector for all.”

Ashella Lewis, Director of Crisis’ South Wales Skylight, adds: “We’re really excited to be running a networking and information event with NRLA next month.

“Here at our Skylight in South Wales, we support people who are experiencing homelessness to find and settle into stable homes. Rented properties are a key part of this – giving people a safe space to call home.

“We’re lucky to be working with some fantastic estate agents and landlords across our local area in Neath Port Talbot and Swansea. The event on 5 March is a great opportunity to come along, network with others and find out more about homelessness and the support we provide here at our Skylight.”

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    Housing the homeless? asking for trouble there, there's a reason they're homeless, likely another landlord has evicted them for a very good reason


    Isnt Sandra Bowes Rennox from out that way 🤣🤣???

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    Problem is, homelessness will just increase until something is done about the root causes ie immigration, lack of housing being built, and all the policies driving landlords to sell up. Having a chat about it isn't going to do a lot.


    NRLA should be lobbying the government to have a level playing field when it comes to to taxation and regulations. The NRLA does not understand (or want to) why landlords may be too nervous to let to homeless people who will want lifetime occupancy. If Labour amends Section 21 further (Angela Rayner has expressed a wish to get rid of “loopholes “) so landlords cannot obtain vacant possession in order to sell there will be no landlords left. The Corporates won’t let to the homeless unless forced to.



    Using the common vernacular, "Shoulda, Coulda, DIDN'T".

    I would say I have given up on the NRLA, but i think it is they who have given up on me.

  • icon

    That would be Crisis who campaigned for the abolition of Section 21. 😡 Just who is the Boy Beadle working for? 🤔

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    Housing the homeless is a fantastic opportunity to have your property trashed, turned into a canabis farm & enjoy non payment of rent. They are unhoused for a reason: even the Council doesnt want to house them. I will hard pass.
    Beadle is not the landlords friend. Hence l am no longer a member of that organisation.

  • icon

    Beadles used to work for the TDS. So working for such an anti-LL organisation he can't be trusted. He sold us down the river with S21 too.


    Yes Nick he absolutely did. I gave up membership of NRLA 5 years ago as I was beginning to feel NRLA were acting as a mouthpiece for the government. He only seems to care about student landlords.

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    Second article today about organisations trying to engage with landlords in the Neath and Port Talbot area. Might there be a problem with lack of supply in the PRS resulting in unmovable council waiting lists?
    The Welsh crack down on landlords must be going well.


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