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Dani Simmons

From: Dani Simmons 19 November 2021 18:12 PM

Dani Simmons
This is ridiculous. The government are paying people 80% of their salaries so why should they be exempt from paying rent? What are we supposed to live off? Is this a free society or not? How the hell can government have the right to tell a private property owner whether he can or cannot have the income from his asset? Is this a joke? Do these labour MPs have brains? If so, do they function properly? It makes me so annoyed when I think about it. What this John Mc-Stalin is saying is, 'we as a government are totally incompetent, we've wasted money on useless projects during our time in power, and now we're in huge debt because we cannot manage things properly. As a consequence, we're going to dictate to you and force our will that you must subsidize our mess because we'd didn't plan for any contingency''. These kind of politics lead to the destruction of a free society. What incentive is there for us to invest, renovate, do things 1000 times more efficiently than councils (to the benefit of this country) only to be told, we're going to be repossessed whenever, even if you put your life savings into the house, they will tell us what we can or cannot charge. I'm personally not a greedy man. I'll go out of my way to give my tenants the best living conditions, however I cannot do that for free. Still, I'm all for pulling together in these tough times and I will compromise with those that are struggling. However, in a country where housing benefit exists and governments bail out the people in times of need, there's absolutely no reason rent shouldn't be paid. Please go after the ones that destroy this economy, fat cat bankers, tax exile guys, ultra rich parasites that destroyed manufacturing in this country to get access to cheap products from one of the worst regimes on planet earth. Go after them, they created all these messes, not the landlords trying to provide your people with precious housing which is already low in stock!!

From: Dani Simmons 02 April 2020 02:43 AM

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