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Sitta Sittambalam

From: Sitta Sittambalam 15 June 2021 10:21 AM

Sitta Sittambalam

From: Sitta Sittambalam 26 January 2021 09:17 AM

Sitta Sittambalam
Well done Lord Flight. This regulation is typical of some parliamentarians attitude. GO (Osborne) does not, cannot, is scared to do the same with all businesses (especially the big ones, like Amazon, Startbucks etc.), in not allowing legitimate business expenses to be deductible. The imminent Judicial Review may put mud in his face. The significant factor in house price escalation is largely overseas investors bringing in money which cannot be verified as "CLEAN" or otherwise. Also why permit non residents to simply buy up properties in UK. Exceptional situations demand exceptional solutions, at least temporarily. No overseas person may buy here unless they prove that they are legitimately and actually doing business here. Give them 5 years to sell up and levy 80% capital gains tax on such properties. Additional measures can also be brought in to apply to UK investors limiting their BTL to no more than 2 houses per person, until govt. can improve its housing supply. Fix a time span for this 5-10 years. After many have forgotten how a female PM in UK sold off all the council houses in London and never put any of the money back into house building, instead paid off the national debt or or part of. Then came "Labour" and spent money without any care, due to squabbling between AB & GB (Tony Blair & Gordon Brown) as to when GB should sit at no. 10. No one in Parliament then observed the spendthrift ways of GB, which all blew up at the elections in 2010. OFcourse we deserve the govts. we elect, but the MPs are petrified to balance books and live within sensible means - sensible taxes, borrowing and spending!

From: Sitta Sittambalam 06 January 2016 11:08 AM

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