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Landlords in high-level talks with government over rental reforms

The landlords’ trade body has been invited to join what it calls “high-level” talks with government over reforms to the private rental sector.

A statement on the National Residential Landlords Association’s website says that its chief executive Ben Beadle has been invited to discuss the government pledge for a White Paper to be issued this autumn.

This is likely to be the long-awaited Renters Reform Bill which, according to the Conservative manifesto at the last General Election, will probably scrap Section 21 and modify Section 8 possession powers for landlords. It will also introduce the concept of a deposit which can be ‘passported’ from one property to another when a tenant moves home.


The NRLA statement says: “Ahead of publication, the government is inviting stakeholders to discuss the plans, with the NRLA invited to the first of a series of roundtable meetings, chaired by Eddie Hughes MP, Minister for Rough Sleeping and Housing. 

“The meeting, later this month, will focus on establishing the challenges facing the private rented sector and delivering change that works for all.”

Beadlle himself says: “The outline proposals detailed when the Bill was first mooted two years ago included some of the biggest changes to the private rented sector in 30 years.

“It is therefore vital the government ensures reforms are fair and workable for both landlords and tenants and we will be working with ministers to make sure that is the case.



“The original proposals included a commitment to strengthen landlords’ rights to repossess, with valid reason, and we will make it clear we expect them to honour this.

“Any new legislation must include comprehensive grounds upon which landlords can legitimately repossess properties. We would also like to see the development of a new tenant-landlord conciliation service to help sustain tenancies wherever possible and court reform to ensure possession cases are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

“Once again, we will be representing members at key discussions at the highest level and would encourage members to get in touch to share their views about our Renters’ Reform plans."

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    the removal of section 24 is a must

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    We don’t need reforms what is needed is scrapping everything they have done this last 10 years. It good a LL body has been invited to take part but hope Shelter is not there as well, they have in the past a if they are NRLA should walk out. It so easy to fix housing situation scrap the nonsense too many thousands of people in suits living off the backs of LL’s with no input including LA & some civil servants , they are like scammers.

    Keith  Johnson

    They're not living off the backs of landlords....They're living off the backs of hard working tenants, as all of the tax rises and legislation costs get passed on with rent rises

  • James B

    God help us if all we have is the NRLA to fight our corner .. they have proved time and time again they are firmly in the government pocket and have more interest in tenant rights than landlords


    You pretty much took the words out of my mouth James.

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    Hope some sensible and practical legislations are made
    The best be rather going to our useless, pathetic and costly courts , they provide helpline number to call police for both landlord and tenant to resolve the issue then and there , state must provide Emergncy accommodation to tenants who can't pay or don't pay, landlords are not running social security service on behalf of state

    We invested our lives savings for this small income

    In whole Middle East I lived there tenants and landlords are equally treated and both are served fairly by system while here I see one sided laws are made by blind ignorant idiots against landlords who are robbed by system and tenants alike , I have lost many times over 6 months rent and not to mention damage they cause and cost of fixing
    One tenant took all radiators kitchen units and boiler with him and there is no protection against such menace

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    How can this '' passport'' deposit possibly work ? no tenant gets the keys to any of my properties until I have the first month's rent and deposit in cleared funds, when a tenant moves out the deposit is not released until I'm happy with the condition of my property, there is always going to be an overlap of time

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    When the Fair Possession Coalition of ALL Landlord groups came together on initial discussion of abolishing Sec 21 - where are they now, - that's left Only the NRLA speaking with Govt !

    Just as the Renter Coalition has been formed between 20 different Tenant support groups, so is there a desperate need for a ;
    #Landlords Coalition, comprising All the landlord groups including the online communities. - Like Landlord Today and property 118, Property Tribes etc

  • icon

    God help us. Not only are the NRLA a complete wet blanket, but Ben Beadle within that organisation is not overly intelligent, nor articulate enough. His personality also strikes me as one of agreeable - someone not wanting to upset the apple cart too much. Sigh.

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    Well if the NRLA really want to start making things fairer for landlords AND tenants then it’s essential they make this MP understand how ludicrous the moronic Section 24 is! Everyone seems to be moaning about high rents, homelessness and lack of supply whilst simultaneously ignoring the biggest known cause! I have zero faith - ZERO - in anything useful, intelligent or pro-landlord coming from these talks.

    Theodor Cable

    Do we as landlords get a chance to expose our views, and to have sight of the outcome of the meeting?

    Or, are we to be totally ignored yet again?

  • icon

    It is obvious that even if all the LL s gave up their assets to the Govt. they will still be short and screw up?! Also it is blatantly obvious that the so-called elected dim wits are only good at looking after themselves and not Jo Public! Like most regulatory and voluntary associations and bodies they are as much good as a bare foot walk on broken glass!

  • icon

    They need to have a real landlord at the meeting to explain the realities of renting and the behaviour of some tenants.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    That's why there's a need for Landlords to form a Coalition, - juts exactly as the tenants have done.
    It disappoints me that Tenants are far more effective at participating and co-ordinating their interests, than Landlords.

    Seems local Landlord groups are only interested in protecting their own revenue from their locality, rather than thinking collectively for the greater good of All landlords. Much like a localised version of the NRLA, although landlords could do without more of the same !
    Landlords deserve better representation than only the 2% who are NRLA members are getting.
    Fact that NRLA were cosying up to Govt, preparing a Pre-Action protocol during the midst of lockdown ! ( instead of legally challenging the Govt suspension of justice ) does not inspire Landlords in their 'High-level' talks with Govt.

    Landlords have not forgotten the Total support that both RLA and NLA gave to the Govt in implementing EICR's ONLY, for the PRS ! - with ' representation ' like that, we might as well let tenant groups have it their own way.

  • icon

    Yes Possession Friend. The NRLA might as well enter the room with their colours nailed to the mast and we know what colour that will be

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    yes, their colours will be on a flag - a WHITE one, ( with a yellow belly )

  • Mick Roberts

    Brilliant words Michael,

    U say it clearly. There was no major homeless problems till the Council & Govt & Shelter started to interfere.
    They wanted Pet deposits banning, now no one with pets can get houses.
    Section 24, less houses.
    Universal Credit, no Landlords now take Benefit tenants.
    Shelter wanted Licensing, Now all Landlords in Licensing areas only take the most perfect tenants. I know this as I'm the biggest Benefit Landlord in Nottingham & my tenants can't leave me any more, can't get anywhere & I wish to sell most of mine, but looks like I'm stuck with 'em for life.


    Mick I’ve noticed this. Benefit tenants HAVING to behave against their core behaviour. They can’t trash house up and leave with rent debts, gas/elec bills switched to token. They keeping very quiet I’ve noticed. No complaints but when new rent act comes and Sect21 goes they will be emboldened but they have a big shock coming if they try that


    since end of ww2, the public sector, including politicians, has repeatedly screwed the private sector--and look at the mess now. nothing works

  • icon

    Sorry Kieth. I would love to agree but the reality is very much different, it’s wishful thinking. Many of my rents haven’t gone up in years and some have gone down when they weren’t high in the first place. Another huge cost coming later again this year for Licensing Application Fees there are 7 of them £1250.00 to £1310.00 each minimum to Council plus all the Stuff that has to go with them, that’s over £10k for starters, my time means nothing to them but their time is mighty valuable by comparison and they charge a fortune for it even though all they do is press buttons. Then I have to do the work to keep up with it, my cost and everything I buy, it bad enough paying 40% tax but when I spend I am taxed again (taxed when you earn, taxed when you spend) while very little cost to Council & no responsibility.
    Anyone who thinks they can add to the Rent is mistaken, you can’t add what they can’t afford and with arrears as well, not a hope. What also galls me more there were all Licensed before at least twice some 3 times and one will be the fourth time,(2006, 2011, 2016, & now 2021). People are so naive the seem to think 5 years is a long time but obviously not. When I checked one road where I had a License in 2006 no other had a license, agents just put 4 on the agreement they said it was a point of Law.
    Pass on the costs my foot.


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