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Buy-to-let mortgage activity dips

There was a further increase in mortgage lending for first-time-buyers and home movers in August compared with the previous month and...

16 October 2019

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Masthaven revamps buy-to-let range

Masthaven has announced changes to its buy-to-let mortgage range, including flexible criteria, rates for non-traditional tenants and landlords, as well as...

22 May 2019

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Buy-to-let mortgage lending remains sluggish

Buy-to-let mortgage activity remained subdued in January with landlord investors taking out just 5,500 new buy-to-let home purchase mortgages, down 1.8%...

18 March 2019

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Buy-to-let lending slumps as landlords deterred by tax changes

Buy-to-let mortgage activity continued to slow in December with landlord investors taking out just 5,100 new buy-to-let home purchase mortgages, down...

20 February 2019

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Liverpool leading the way for annual house price growth and affordability

Liverpool has managed a very interesting and appealing double win, according to data from Hometrack. The city not only topped the list...

30 November 2018

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Why you should consider Glasgow as your next property investment destination

Glasgow or Edinburgh? Glasgow is a lot like Edinburgh, only more affordable. Obviously don’t make that comment if you’re actually talking...

30 July 2018

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Scotland’s most responsible student tenants unveiled

Students may work hard, but many also party hard, which is largely why they have a reputation for being bad tenants. Binge-drinking...

20 July 2018

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Masthaven introduces reduced BTL rates

Masthaven has announced changes to its buy-to-let mortgage range, including reduced rates. Acknowledging that the buy-to-let sector plays an important role in...

06 June 2018

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Top rental searches unveiled by Rightmove

As 2017 draws to a close, Rightmove has released fresh data, based on searches by prospective tenants browsing its website, revealing...

21 December 2017

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Top university towns and cities for buy-to-let revealed

Many landlords purchase properties near universities in order to take advantage of the lucrative yields that the student rental market often...

17 August 2017

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Top universities for buy-to-let revealed

Landlords can earn attractive returns when buying property near a university, but only if they are shrewd about where they purchase,...

22 May 2017

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Student renters urged to reclaim tenancy deposits

As we approach the end of the academic year, you may care to remind any student tenants that you have to...

17 May 2017

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Student housing shortage sees rents soar

Student rents have increased by as much as 10% over the past 12 months amid a severe housing shortage across the...

16 September 2016

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Top class university cities for buy-to-let property unveiled

The most lucrative university cities in the UK, based on house prices, rents and growth in local housing markets, have been...

10 August 2016

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Letting agent takes to Twitter to answer your questions

The historic referendum vote in favour of leaving EU raises questions over what impact this will have on the UK private...

19 July 2016

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What’s the future for buy-to-let landlords?

Following the recent changes to additional stamp duty and the loss of tax relief for buy-to-let landlords, there is growing concern...

16 May 2016

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Bed in bath outrage

A Glasgow flat hunter was left horrified when a landlord offered him a £450-a-month bathroom to sleep in. Danny Andrews replied to...

06 January 2016

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Ealing rogue landlord slapped with £75k penalty

A west London landlord has been ordered to pay a total of £75,215 for failing to licence four properties, protect tenants,...

24 August 2015

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European bodies seek solutions to housing access for the young

A group of more than 30 private housing and property bodies from across Europe have come together to find solutions on...

03 July 2015

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